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It’s no secret I love farms.  {well, it’s no secret to some}  I love everything about farms.  The animals, the feeling I get when I’m standing in the midst of cows, chickens, horses.  The noises, and yes.  The smells.  I do love the smell of a farm.  As gross as that may be to some.  There is just nothing that compares to the feeling that rushes over me when I’m on a farm.  This feeling, unfortunately, doesn’t happen often, because I’m not often on farms.  But I revel in it when the chance arrises for me to visit them.  I close my eyes and just use my other senses.  I smile a lot.  It’s the simple way of life to me.  No technology, no drama.  Just me, my kids and acres of farmland.  The cows mooing off in the distant, the horses whinnying in delight.  Goats, sheep and chickens nudging you for a snack.  The farm’s dog sleeping in the corner lazing the day away.  Total udder {pun intended} perfection.

I dream of living on a farm.  A small farm.  My own little slice of perfection where I must wake up with the sun.  Working hard, but that work is fulfilling.  Working all day picking veggies, feeding animals, milking cows, cleaning poop, exercising animals, etc.  You step back and look at your hard work with pride.  Living off the land used to sound scary to me.  Now it just sounds exciting.  It sounds limitless.  Cooking only what you have grown or fed.  Sustaining yourself off of your own hard work.  That is nothing short of amazing and fulfilling.  It’s the old way.  The way before grocery stores popped up everywhere.  I like the old way.  I dream of being a pioneer.  Hanging my clothes on a clothesline to dry, slowly ambling through my vegetable and fruit gardens admiring and picking.  Milking my cow named Bessie while my dog Jeb {and maybe Vlad too if this dream happens while he’s still alive} sleeps on my front or back porch.  Riding my horse with the same ear to ear smile every day.  Because I love horses.  So riding a horse without a smile seems wasteful.  And at the end of the day crashing into bed because I’m exhausted.  But it’s a good exhausted because of that fulfilling hard work I’d done all day.  Then you wake the next morning and do it all over again.

That above is my dream world.  Am I crazy?  I don’t think so.  But some of you might think I am.  LOL!

Last Friday I took my girls to Superstition Farm.  And that feeling I talked about above?  It hit me like a 10 ft wave.  I was as giddy to be there as my girls were.  Superstition is a dairy farm.  And might I add something?  Their farm hardly smelled at all.  And there are more flies in my own backyard than there were at their entire farm.  I was totally amazed.  The entire farm is immaculate.  If you look in the cow pastures, the dirt looked raked and fresh.  Their cows all have mister fans under their coverings to keep them cool in our dreadful summers.  I learned some pretty awesome stuff while there. Farmer Jason is very informative and knows his stuff!  I also found Farmer Jason and his wife to be so kind and nice.  They both took the time out to talk with me.  While I knew how busy Farmer Jason is running his farm, he sat and talked with me for an hour about how he started his farm, what he did before his farm {he used to design clothes and be a fashion photographer!}, etc. His story is a great one.  If you live in Arizona and have never been to Superstition Farm, you all need to make the trip and go.  Their farm is only 10 minutes from me in Mesa.  It’s worth it even if you had to drive 45 minutes.  It’s worth it just to see the delight in your kids when the animals give them lots of attention and licks.  :)

Here are some pictures I took while enjoying our time at Superstition Farm.

This chicken below was totally giving me the stank eye.  LOL!

Zoe wanted to feed the chickens out of her hand.  Instead of freaking her out by saying, “No way honey!  They’ll peck the crap out of your hand” {that is what I thinking} I just showed her how to hold her cup at the bottom so they eat out of the cup.  haha.  No sense in freaking your children out.

When we first got out of the car at the farm, Angelina started squealing with excitement, “CHICKEEEEENSSSSSS!!  Mommy LOOK!  There are CHICKENS HERE!”  Yes my dear.  It is a farm.  I don’t always say what I’m thinking.  I was in no way going to deflate my child’s excitement.  No way, no how.  So I just smiled and said, “oh yeah!  look at them.  Mommy loves chickens.”  Because I do.

Imagine her delight when the chicken ran up to her to get in on the food action.  She was t-h-r-i-l-l-e-d.

This is Eddie.  I love him.  His eyes.  He is a Jersey Cow.  Jersey cows have big incredible eyes.  Farmer Jason told me this today on Twitter.  :)

I took a lot of pictures of Eddie.

I love his teeth.  Looks like he’s giving the camera a toothy grin.

Zoe loved brushing the baby cows.  She says, “I love cows mama.  They’re so cayhuuute”.  That’s her version of cute.  ;)


This is Dory the sheep.  Angelina loved her.  Dory loves food.  And I think she was smitten with Angelina too.  Or maybe it was because Angelina always seemed to have food with her.  haha

Zoe’s favorite thing was brushing the animals.  They all followed her around.  Apparently they love being brushed.

I think these girls would have been happy to stay at the farm all day so they could feed and brush those animals.  Farmer Jason if you need helpers…. ;)

What’s with the animals giving me the stank eye?  Or maybe it looks more like he’s giving me a half smile?

This dude has awesome hair.  I imagined him saying something like, “Check it out dudes!  These ladies have food!  Righteous!”

His hair was righteous.  LOL

Then Dory came over and head butted him out of the way.  Like I said.  She likes food.


I think the thing I loved most about Superstition Farm was the fact that they rescue animals.  I have an incredible love for animals, and when I find out about people abusing them, it tugs at my heart strings.  Animals have no voice.  They can’t stand up for themselves.  So when humans abuse animals, it pisses me off.  What gives people the right to do that?  When I saw the rescue animals at Superstition Farm it made me love this place even more.  Farmer Jason and his wife are making a difference in any way they can.  And by opening up their farm to animals who might not have had a chance without their generosity, that is what it’s all about.  The animals were so sweet too.

When I saw this horse, he walked right up to me.  Seeking a gently hand to rub his nose.  You can see the hard life he’s lived just by looking at his face.  I happy obliged him and rubbed his nose, cheek and neck.  And then I brushed him a bit.  He seemed pleased.

I named this goat Unicorn.  I think you’ll know why.  It looks like he was quite beaten up before being saved by Superstition Farm.  But he was as sweet as they get, and he followed Zoe everywhere because he loved being brushed.  His eyes would drift more and more closed with each stroke of the brush.

There’s nothing like seeing a 2 hour old calf.  She was so wobbly on her feet.  The umbilical cord was still attached.  <3

This is just one of a few times I wished I had a zoom lens.  The picture quality isn’t so hot.  Had to crop it in Photoshop.

After all that, we went back and we were given homemade ice cream.  :)  Yummm!

Of course I called my best friend, Jess and she met me at the farm with her son Dylan.  :)

She’s got her cop glasses on!  Watch out!

So I’d say that my girls had a great time at Superstition Farm!

It will be a regular place we visit.  If you live in Arizona, definitely make the time to go!  They have a Farmer’s Market every Thursday evening as well as their $5 days.  $5 days are only around for another week, and as you can see… it was worth every penny.  They also offer Family Farm Camp and Horse Camp!  I believe the girls and I will be attending Family Farm Camp the first week of August!  Not only that, but they offer a Dairy Food Club too!  So awesome.

Go have fun!


  1. You must live right by me! I love Superstition farm, we did a field trip there, and went on our own once. My daughter loves it and I love that it’s family owned. You know the exit on the San Tan for Hawes (and how it’s closed).?That’s because the refused to sell the farm and the city is stuck with the exit…ha! I need to remember to pop in there for some fresh eggs when I drive by.

  2. ohmygoodness, your pictures are STUNNING! i have no idea how you do that with your camera, ha!! & that farm makes ME want to have a farm.

  3. I love your blog! I’m jelus. I have no web design skills. I dream of owning an organic farm complete with ONLY miniature animals. They are so overlooked in the regular animal world. Well I’d have on regular sized horse for me. I would also have a wood working barn to build canoes and sailboats. I mean thats why i got a BFA in wood working and furniture design after all.

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