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Priceless Farm Moments


Today I got that farm smell again.  It was delightful in every way.

We got to Superstition Farm a little late.  Ok a lot late.  It was ok, though.  Today it was all about living in the moment.  And live in the moment we did.  I walked into the farm and several of the people there looked up and said to me, “oooh!  You’re the one who wrote that blog post.  Great pictures!!”  I am so flattered.  Farmer Jason really did brag my photography up quite a bit I’d say.  Thanks for that Farmer J!

Living in the moment for me is just taking the moments you’re in and making the best of them.  Embracing anything that comes your way and having fun.  My girls and I did just that today.  They got to experience something not many people get to.  They got to help Farmer Jason today.  With a calf.  A calf that was only a few hours old.  He was lying in the sun and Farmer Jason wanted to move him to the shade so he could keep cool.  So, he looks at my girls and says, “how would you girls like to help me move the calf to the shade?”  Angelina got a HUGE smile on her face.  I think she replied something like, “yes” or “ok” or “mmm hmmm”.  She was nodding like bobble head.  Zoe… she says, “ok”.  She had no idea what she was about to get to do.  I was thrilled to be able to witness my girls help.  Living in the moment.  I tell you friends.  There’s nothing like it.  Embrace it and have fun!  We did…

This little guy didn’t want to get up.  He was comfy. Also.  Did you know when calves are born they weigh approximately 110 pounds?  That’s the size of Vlad.  haha!!

“I don’t want move!”

“Look I just turned for you!  Now what?”

Being a calf is hard work.  :)

“How about I just take a bow?”

The goal was to get him to the shade.  My girls helped Farmer Jason nudge him along… Like how Zoe’s helping push Angelina who’s pushing the baby calf along with Farmer Jason?

Good job girls!  Uhhh, yes.  Zoe is wearing flip flops.  LOL!

The mama cows just watched us with lots of interest.  “Bessie. What are those humans doing?”

Hey ladies.

 I think Vlad Tepes would fit in quite well at the farm, don’t you?  :)

 Anyway.  The goal was finally met!  Baby got to the shade…

And my girls got an amazing few moments helping Farmer Jason get this baby where he needed to be.  It was a priceless farm moment for them and for me.

After that awesome time.  We went back to see the other animals.

Hey Eddie.  <3

Today was another great day at Superstition Farm.


  1. Love the farm photos! Such a cool way to spend an afternoon. We have a sheep farm and creamery about 1.5 hours from here that we like to visit, I always love it there–all of my grandparents were farmers. :)

  2. I love Superstition Farm!! Last summer we were on the hay ride and saw a momma cow birth her calf. Amazing experience!

  3. that farm is. too. cool!! i’d love to visit it someday. :)

  4. FARM!!!!!

    I love the ass-shot. ;)

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