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Book Club! First Book Announced!


Hey Bookclubbers!  I am BEYOND thrilled that over 30 of you signed up!

Are you excited?!  I hope so!

In thinking about the first book, I wanted to start with something I thought you would all like.  And the book that came to mind immediately was Poison Study.  A little magic, a little danger, a heartthrob, castles, horses, and a really amazing brave woman.  What’s not to love?

So.  Head out this weekend to your local library or bookstore or order it on your kindle… Poison Study is our first book!

Our First meeting to discuss will be determined soon.  First though, in order to determine it, I need to know what time works for everyone.  I am on Arizona time, which is currently Pacific Time. When all of your clocks change in the next few months, I will be the same time as Mountain Time.  And what day of the week works best?  So let’s come up with a time that mostly works for everyone.  We’ll have weekly chats on Twitter/TweetChat.  If you don’t have Twitter, sign up.  It’s easy and free.  Even if you only use it for the book club.  So leave the best time and day that works for you in the comments.  The hashtag for our TweetChats will be #TheBookClub

I’m super excited to get the book club going again!  Fun times ahead!


  1. YAY! I’m so excited! I’ve never been a part of a book club before. So evenings work best for me, but Saturday’s are completely out.

  2. Totally depends since school hasn’t started yet and my schedule isn’t crazy til school starts. For Twitter discussions, during the school day is easiest. (@Sugar_Dots)

  3. I work 830a-5p, M-F, but evenings are free. Saturday is out, but late Sunday afternoons are good for me, too.

    You should set up a Doodle poll…it will aggregate our answers easily for you!

  4. Just bought the book! The kindle version is $6.66…eesh! I am open to times, I’ll fit it in somehow!

  5. Once I’m back to school it would have to start before 8pm central time Sun-Thurs for me.

  6. Im on EST time. Tuesdays and Thursdays are the best for me since those are the days I dont have class.

  7. My schedule is flexible so day & time is not an issue.

  8. First so excited the book club is back! I am PST afternoons and evenings work for me :)

  9. My schedule is super flexible, so I’m open for any time and any day. I’m in Arizona if that helps :) (@kimberly_kalil)

  10. A new book title for my collection!
    I am on EST but work during the day 9-5ish. Evenings would be best after 6:00 PM EST are best .

  11. Wonderful! Evenings will be best for me, and I can make any weeknight work.

  12. I’m not sure on the best day yet with school starting in 2 weeks and soccer and all that jazz. Defiantely evenings though. I’m Pacific Time. I’ve already read your first book pick-it’s a good one, so I might wait and start up the month after once I’ve gotten my head on straight. No weekends-Sat or Sunday for me and Monday nights are out, but Tue thru Thursday and most Friday evenings would work.

  13. Yay!! I’m on eastern time. Evenings are best for me, kinda on the late side, like 8pm or later. Weeknights are easiest. I grabbed the book, but I think I’m already going to miss the chat for this week because we’re traveling. :(

  14. I’m in California so Pacific time as well but I’m a Sahm so anytime works for me

  15. I’m in central time…

    evenings are better for me, particularly after bedtime for my kids. I’m a photographer so I often have shoots until the sun starts to set. Currently that’s about 8:15 pm central time. But that will get earlier and earlier as the year progresses. By October the sunsets around 6:30 pm. With the time change, I’ll be done shooting by 5 something.

    9pm central would be my choice.

  16. ps – I’ve read both Poison Study and Magic Study and loved them both.

    Go Yelena!

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