Shey B




We’re going camping this weekend…

This should be interesting since I can’t stand camping.

But I do like being with my family.  Vlad is coming too, which shall most definitely add to the chaos.

Besides being with my family, I do love bonfires and s’mores.  That’s pretty much it.  LOL!

Doing it for my family.  Happily.  Kinda.  OK, fine!  With a smile on my face and the camera in my hand.


Have any fun plans this weekend?



  1. i want to go camping JUST to say i went camping. that’s it; stick me in the wilderness & you & I BOTH might not make it out alive.

  2. This post made me smile… a lot! I love the picture too. Here’s to hoping that the fam, stars, and nature make it all worthwhile! ;)

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