Shey B

A Sewing Story {a lame one}



Once upon a time…

There was a girl who sewed.

She sewed a lot because she owned a business that required her to.

She would sew for hours and hours and hours and… {you get the picture}

After many hours of sewing – and a few years of sewing for others, the girl got tired.

Exhausted more like.  So she made a decision.

She decided that enough was enough.  Her kids were more important.

She decided that she’d be happier to just be a mom.  Just be a wife.

So, she shut the doors to her business. And hasn’t regretted that decision since.

Though she doesn’t regret the decision now.  She is taken by surprise.

There is nothing and no one making her sew, which you’d think would make her sew a lot of things.

But the problem there lies a bit deeper you see.

Because this girl figured out, that because of the amount of sewing she did for nearly 3 years…

Well, it burnt her out so badly that the once intense desire to sew is no longer.

She has temporarily lost her love of sewing.

There is no excitement about a potential project. Sewing seems like work to her still.

The desire to hear that sewing machine hum has been replaced by her desire to read instead.

For once upon a time she used to feel excitement when going into her sewing room, now she feels lack of motivation.

She has no will to pick, cut, or sew fabric.

However, she is proud that she’s read 91 books this year.

Her goal being to read 101 books in 2012.

This girl does have mighty big dreams.

And when she dreams, she dreams BIG.

But this girl right now wishes she had a desire to sew.

For she knows that if she forces herself to sew, it won’t be a happy experience.

It will be a lacking one.  Lacking happiness and excitement of what she made.

So, she reads, and takes care of her motherly and wifely duties.

She loves her family.

And she knows that someday soon, that desire to sew will return.

And sew she shall.


The End.


  1. echoing jess’ comment. you will sew again one day, shey :)

  2. “And sew she shall…” one day. :-)

  3. ;) One day…it will come back!

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