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Good morning!  I hope your long weekend was indeed long and wonderful!  Ours was relaxing.  :)  What did you do?

I read an email on Saturday morning.  I read it 4 times.

And then I read it again, because I was so appalled.

I admit that I am a good person.  I am a good listener.  I will give my thoughts when they are called for, but not when they aren’t.

I mind my own business unless something involves me, or someone involves me.

I’ve found that since I stopped doing my business, many have come to me for advice.  Or to vent about owning their handmade business.

I feel all handmade businesses are awesome.  I know the amount of time and hard work it takes.  It’s nothing short of astounding when you think of it.

I used to work 80 hours a week.  <—- That is insane.  Some of you work more than that.  That’s more insane!

What’s bizarre to me is seeing handmade business owners becoming split.

On Saturday when I read this email, I was quite surprised to see the underlying blame there.  That blame was pointed at me.

The email I was reading was a vent.  It was not this person who was blaming me for anything, but this person was defending me.  This person was quite enraged to the fact that I was being blamed.

I find it interesting that some are still finding ways to try and drag me into things by blaming me.  Clearly they are my biggest fan if they keep talking about me.

I must be pretty awesome.

Because the thing is… I DO NOT CARE what people think of me.

I DO NOT CARE if someone in the handmade world blames me for something ridiculous.

Because putting the blame on others all the time?  That just makes these people look ridiculous.  They also look jealous, and spiteful.

I honestly think this:

If you have something to say, SAY IT TO MY FACE!  Grow some balls!

Honestly… putting the blame on someone and talking shit behind their back… only makes you look like a fool.

I feel bad for the person that emailed me.  More like… the PEOPLE that email me.

I get many emails.  People venting.  I get many emails.  People hurting.  I get many emails.  People being bullied, and blamed.

I sit back, I take this all in.  I listen.

I have concluded that bullies are everywhere.  And of every age.

And they’re all the same.  Jealous asshats who have no life and nothing better to do.

Karma’s a bitch… isn’t that the saying?  Well… they’ll get what’s coming to them.

Because bullies are found out.  They can’t hide.  Eventually people get sick of being bullied and begin standing up for themselves.

So all you people who find it necessary to bully other handmade business owners out there?

All you people who find it fun to bully other bloggers.

What goes around comes around.  So, I would suggest you act like the adults you are, and stop.  Stop treating people this way.  Stop believing you’re better than they are, and therefore it’s your place.  Because I assure you… It’s NOT your place.  MIND YOUR OWN BUSINESS.

I miss the camaraderie I used to see online.  It’s still there a little.  But it’s being tainted.

I feel terrible for those that are the victim of being bullied whether they’re in Elementary school or in their adult years.

The fact that bullies are still around in our adult years is sickening.

So many aren’t practicing what they preach.

You know who you are by the guilt you feel or that anger you feel when you read posts like this.

If that’s you, then please.  STOP WHAT YOU’RE DOING and think.  Think really hard if that’s the person that you really want to be.

A bully.  A hater.  A jerk.

Because no one deserves treatment like the treatment I’m seeing being dealt out.



  1. AMEN! Preach it sista! It is very disgusting tat ADULTS act like PRESCHOOLERS. I, too, am disgusted when I see anyone bullied. And it boggles my mind how people can be so mean. Like I’ve said, they need to get off their high horses. Otherwise they WILL get knocked off. And it won’t be pretty. You’re also right that what goes around, comes around.

  2. You are awesome. And there are some people who are only happy if they can make other people miserable. They are sad, small people. I’m sorry you have to deal with them. It sucks. I came out of lurking just to say so.

  3. I was dealing with something like this this weekend funny enough. My thoughts strayed to the point where I dropped facebook like a hot rock. Funny thing is, all the people who I thought were friends were not. I knew all my FB folks from times past. Did any of them stay in touch after my FB account was hacked. Three of them. That says alot. The real friends stay with you and the fake folks well are just gossips, hacks, thieves, and fools.
    Can you see that I have ceased caring too? I will keep my good friends and hope to one day make more. I love the quote from Steel Magnolias “Darlin, if you can’t say anythin nice just come stand next to me.” Well, Shey, I would be happy if you wanted to come stand next to me. You are a true lady to not let those eeeejits get you down.
    Being appalled at someones behavior means that you have standards and are ladylike enough not to stoop to their level. Wish I could give you a true Southern Lady award cause you meet all the requirements.
    Bless Your Heart

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