Shey B

Book Club September


I forgot!  I do have something to say!  LOL!

September is upon us and that means that new sign up for The Book Club are being accepted right now.

Please sign up ASAP, though.  Our first meeting is next Tuesday!

Please leave your email address when you sign up so I can add you to The Book Club email list.

Hope you’ll join us!


  1. Sign me up!

  2. Just checking that I am signed up.

  3. I’d love to participate! Please sign me up!

  4. Add me please!! Not sure I can read as fast as you….but I SOOO want in!!

  5. I’d love to join; sign me up!

  6. What kind of book club is it? I’ve been looking to join one for a while!

  7. I’m very excited! Please sign me up! Thanks so much! :)

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