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So you all know how much I love music.

Music to me is another language.  Spoken from the hearts of their song writers and singers.  They sing of experiences they’ve gone through and we can maybe relate to.  They sing with passion, fear, anger, love and every other emotion one could conjure up.  Music is more than just something cool to listen to.  Music gives people a voice, a reason to laugh, cry, and dance.  There is music in everything.  Music is all of that to me.  It’s not just sounds and words.  It touches many of us to the core.

I had a feeling that when I closed down *Shey*[B] something new might come along that would make me want to open another store.  But I hoped it’d be something that I was passionate about.  Something that would have a deeper meaning than just any other product.  Music is sorta it for me.  And when I was talking to my best friend about music lyrics and how much I wanted my entire house covered in certain lyrics, an idea began to form in my mind.

While it’s unrealistic to go on a painting spree and paint lyrics on my walls, it’s not unrealistic to wear great lyrics on my shirts.  And since Jess and I are always saying, “we need to make that into a shirt”, well, it’s being done.


Let me present my brand new store to you all. . . . .

My passion and love for music brought to your wardrobe.  Or your husband’s wardrobe.  Or your friend’s, uncle’s, wife’s, nephew’s, niece, mom, dad, etc etc etc’s wardrobe.  The designs are simple enough for anyone to wear.  You are also more than welcome to suggest other lyrics you love.  If there’s enough of a request, then it may just end up available in the store.  :)


Small print: shirts are currently on pre-order status for 2 weeks, which means at the end of 2 weeks, the shirts will be made and then shipped to you during the 3rd week.  This is temporary.
So, order up!  Christmas is seriously just around the corner!!  Check out Lyrical Lounge by clicking HERE.


Whatcha think everyone?


  1. I love this idea, crazy music fiend that I am. It makes me want to hound you with all my lyric suggestions until you break and BEND TO MY WILL MUAHAHAHAHAHAHA.


    No, seriously. Love the idea. Only question – legal?

  2. what a great idea! i hope it goes well for ya, shey.

  3. So thrilled for your new business endeavor! Can’t wait to read all about how it’s going. I definitely have days where I hear a lyric and think, “man, I wish I had a way to remember that…” So, when that happens, I’ll definitely shoot them over to you! ;)

  4. I just wanted to tell you that I love your blog, and the shop is AWEsome. There may be nothing that I love more than a great lyric, and a comfy tee. Good luck and have FUN with it! (and thanks for the several songs, now lodged, in my head. :)

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