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Welcome New Sponsor {August Blossoms}

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I’m excited to announce my newest sponsor!

I think you all might be excited to … just by the simple fact that…. she makes camera straps!  :)

When the owner, Denise, emailed me a couple weeks ago asking if I would consider her as a sponsor, I didn’t even hesitate.

Yes, I USED to sell camera strap covers, but I no longer do, so I will of course support those who sell them.

Denise makes great fabric choices as well!  Make sure and check out her store and see for yourself!  :)  And she actually makes the entire camera strap, not just a cover.


I’d like to introduce Denise, the owner of August Blossoms . . . . . . . .

I am a wife and a mother to two little boys: a 3 year old, Jackson and a 3 month old, Jrue.  I love love love to sew and craft and scrapbook and to play with my boys.  I was born in Utah, moved to Hawaii when I was 5 then back to Utah when I was 14 and have lived here ever since.  I am obsessed with fabric and have way too much of it!

My Business: After getting my first DSLR camera, I was extremely disappointed with the strap that came with the camera.  It was too short, too stiff, and I was always misplacing my lens cap.  I looked around for one on Etsy but no one was selling straps that met all of my needs, so she decided to try to make my own and loved the result!  In the process, I also fell in love with fabric and all of the beautiful fabric options out there (I am a bit obsessed with fabric!).  So I decided to try to sell my straps on Etsy, andAugust Blossoms was born!  Over 2000 straps later, here I am today!  I also absolutely love being a “business owner” and especially love being able to work from home.

At August Blossoms you’ll find SLR/DSLR camera straps that work with ANY brand of camera.  These straps have been designed to be longer than the standard strap so that you can comfortably wear them across your body, yet not too long so that you whack your kids upside the head when you lean over! :)   They also have a lining of fleece so they are softer and will mold to your neck rather than cut into it.  And lastly, each strap comes with a built in lens cap pocket that will fit a lens cap up to 2.25″ wide.  No more lost lens caps – hooray!!!

I’ve gotten a ton of emails for the past couple of months from people begging, groveling or asking me to make camera straps again.  Sorry everyone!  Not happening.  Probably not ever.  So, I bring you August Blossoms… she’ll be glad to make you whatever camera strap you want!  I figured you’d all be thrilled.  :)


Happy Shopping!!


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  1. sweet! off to check out her shop now :)

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