Shey B

Fall Surprise


Since we don’t have fall in most of Arizona, I wanted a way to celebrate.


And what better way than to discount camera straps?  :)

Because we don’t have leaves falling

Or cold weather at the moment {it’s currently almost 100 degrees STILL}

Or several cloudy days in a row

Or crisp cool air


… I could seriously go on …

I figured I’d celebrate with all of you by offering a discount until midnight tomorrow.

Enter FALL20 at checkout and receive $5 off your ENTIRE purchase!  Woot!  Remember… I am only planning to have my store open a few more weeks.  Get your camera wielding budding a Christmas gift while the gettin’ is good!  ;)

Happy Fall & Happy Shopping!  Click HERE.  Remember… this is only until tomorrow at midnight.  Don’t procrastinate!

*fine print: this discount only applies from now until midnight.  discounts can not be applied to orders placed before this post.*








  1. Wish I had procrastinated, so I could have saved money!

  2. while it’s not 100 degrees, NC hasn’t woken up & realized it’s FALL over there. ::sigh::

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