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What are your thoughts on tattoos?

I love them.  To me, tattoos are like a story on someone’s skin.  Each one tells a different memory.

I know some of you probably hate them, whether it be because you’re afraid of the pain, or because they’re permanent.

The thing is… when I am 80 years old, I know I won’t care that I have permanent ink all over my skin.  I know when I look at them at that age they’ll bring a smile to my face, because I’ll remember each and every one with fondness.  They’ll all bring back a memory.

All of my tattoos either tell a story or they represent something I love so much that the want to ink it permanently on my body to remember it is significant.

Yesterday I got my 10th tattoo.  :)

Here are a few pictures of the tattoos I have starting with my most recent…

I’ve wanted a chest tattoo for a while now.  And I couldn’t think of a better design than the one I got.  My artist is amazing… I tell him what I want and it’s almost like he reaches into my mind and pulls out exactly what my mind had conjured up.  Because I tell you… the above tattoo… that’ almost literally what I had in my mind.  The tattoo represents my husband, girls and myself together.  Each bird is a member of us, and the quote by E.E. Cummings couldn’t have been placed on a more perfect location… close to my heart.  The quote says, “I hold your heart, I hold your heart in my heart.”  Placement: chest

This tattoo represents many things for me.  As most of you know, I love to dream.  And dream I do.  I also adore the rain, and I love the artsy side of myself.  The cloud represents that artsy side, the rain – self explanatory.  The birds and the word dream go together – basically, it’s “let your dreams soar… never doubt them.  Let them fly and chase after them”.  Incase you don’t notice… most of my tattoos have stars in them, so the star is really a tie in.  I love stars and usually always get at least one to tie in all the others.  Placement: right calf

And, of course you all know that I love to read!  So the above tattoo is self explanatory.  The quote says, “Anyone who says they have only one life to live, must not know how to read a book.”  That’s one of my favorite quotes.  :)  Placement: right arm

One of my favorite paintings of all times is Van Gogh’s Starry Night.  I knew I had to have this as a tattoo.  My tattoo artist always says that he loves tattooing my husband and I, because we come up with the most unique, challenging and seriously awesome tattoos.  He designs them all after we tell him what we want.  My Starry Night tattoo is still in progress… there has been more done to it than what shows in the above picture, but I won’t reveal anymore of it until it’s complete.  This tattoo is completely intense and painful, so I can only go in for a couple hours each session before the pain is just too much for me to bear.  Placement: mid back

The tattoo below Starry Night that’s barely visible was the first tattoo I ever got.  An old friend of mine from high school did tattoos, so he gave me my first one.  1 leopard star surrounded by red ones.  I still love this tattoo all these 11 years later.  :) Placement: lower back

The above tattoo of hashmarks is not how long I spent in the slammer.  LOL!  It represents how many years Mike and I have been married.  Next month I will add one more hash which will mark 10 years of marriage.  :)  Mike and I agreed to not tattoo each other’s names on ourselves, so I wanted a unique way to represent our years of marriage.  I think this one was a great choice.  Placement: left inner wrist.

This one is pretty obvious, yeah?  :)  Placement: right outer wrist.

I told you I love stars.  :)  I wanted a tattoo on my foot for a while, so about 5 years ago I bit the bullet and got one.  This one is no longer of my most painful tattoos, but it was at one time.  I love it, though.  Small and simple. Placement: right foot.

And, the last one I’m sharing today is this amazing tattoo.  The first tattoo from Johnny, my current artist.  My actual camera and one of my favorite camera strap covers, the Valentino.  :)  How amazing is this tattoo?  Seriously.  The meaning again is obvious.  I am a photographer that loves her camera and the camera strap represents my business.  <3  I have only had one tattoo that I hated and it’s currently underneath this camera… you can’t see it, though can ya?  Amazing amazing cover up.  Placement: left shoulder blade


So you see, tattoos are art.

If you don’t have one and are afraid, just do it.  I hate pain.  My pain tolerance is pretty much non existent, just ask my husband.  But tattoos are more than that to me.  They all tell a story.

If you live in Arizona and are wanting a tattoo, go to Taboo Tattoo in Chandler and ask for Johnny.  Tell him Shey sent ya.  :)


Do you have any tattoos?  What do you have?


  1. Well, you know I love them. :) I really like the one representing how many year you your hubby have been married. So neat!! :)

  2. Oh I am in LOVE with your newest addition! It’s beautiful and a wonderful quote!

    Hubby and I both want tattoos but A we cant decide on what we REALLY want, and B we’d have to drive min 4 hours for a good artist.

  3. I have one tattoo so far, and I cant wait to get more! The only things stopping me are the fact that Im broke haha, and that I draw my own. I have a tiger lily on my right shoulder blade, and oh man did the part over the bone hurt. But its not going to stop me from getting more!

  4. I was planning on commenting on which was my favorite of your little gallery of tats, but I have four!

  5. I soooo want one. A) afraid I’ll get it and regret it. B) not sure what to get. C) don’t know where to go.

    Daughter & I use henna (& markers!) to do temp art frequently.

  6. Thanks for sharing! I like the Starry Night one…great colors. The hash marks are great. I have two and am itching to get more. Both of mine are grape vines in black…lower back and left ankle. I want to get something in color next.

  7. Purdy. My favorite is the first. And I love the book quote too.

  8. While I love them all….my favorite is your camera. It’s your passion in life and I can relate to it. My favorite tattoo of mine is a needle and thread tangled around my ankle. Sewing and teaching sewing are my passion and even those elder ladies I teach love my tattoo as they can relate to its importance in our individual lives. I’ve even had ladies reach down and try and untangle it :-)

  9. i have two tattoos, but would LOVE more…however, tattoos hold meaning for me too and i haven’t decided on what i would permanently want on my body other than the two that i currently have. when i do, i will get them. i actually would love to sleeve my arm, but don’t want to spend my entire teaching career having to cover them up (nor do i know what i would put…yet)!

    the hubs and i said no names for each other as well, however, on our honeymoon in hawaii, we did get matching hawaiian hieroglyphs; two circles, one representing each of us with a wavy line going through, representing waves. we were married in hawaii, with our feet in the ocean at sunset, so we found it fitting.

    the other one i just got, with my 52 year old mama! she said she was ready for her second one and wanted it in a visible spot and that we should go together, as she knew i had been tossing the idea around. you see, my dad has always been opposed, and said he would sandpaper them off my body if he ever saw one, so the one i got with the hubs was in a spot where he would never be able to see. then my bro started getting tattoos everywhere. then my mom got her first one. he knew i had one, but you couldn’t see it, so it was ok. when my mom told him we were going, he expressed his concern, as we were getting them on the inside of our right wrists (i got four birds, one for each family member), but then quickly became the first person to brag about our tattoo time together and showed everyone pictures off his phone!

    i love tattoos, especially with all of the meaning behind them!

  10. I love your tats especially the starry night one. As an artist, I love creating designs for other peoples tats. However, I am allergic to the dyes in the ink so I can never get one.

  11. While I’m not a fan of tattoos for me personally (I am a Risk Management Consultant, a very conservative line of business), I appreciate the artistic value and freedom of an individual to express themselves in this manner. My sis has a few and also has her nose pierced (another thing I would never do). I love that she lets her spirit soar! We all need to be able to embrace what makes us individuals.

    Thanks for sharing yours, their unique, thoughtful, and I enjoyed seeing and reading about them.

  12. I do have a tattoo, only one so far. It took me forever to figure out exactly what I wanted because, as you said, it is permanent. Love all of yours. Starry Night…super love.

    Here’s a link to mine if you care to take a look-see.


  13. Very nice art gallery. One thing, coming from a Literature major… The quote by e.e. cummings is incorrect. The correct quote is “i carry your heart with me(i carry it in
    my heart)” [beginning of poem] or “i carry your heart(i carry it in my heart)” [end of poem].

    -Obviously you cannot have it edited (and it looks really nice in the format) but you may want to say the quote is inspired by e.e. cummings, as opposed to by him. Nice job on having it written entirely in lower case though- as e.e.cummings is famous for this (including his name!) in addition to obscure punctuation.

    I, too, have an e.e. cummings tattoo.

    • Since that post was written and posted so long ago, I’ll likely leave it the way it is. Since when I saw the quote in one of his poem books I have, it said exactly what it says on my chest. But thanks! :)

  14. Old post, but very glad I found it. Very well written. Thanks

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