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Who Are You?


I’ve been thinking about this blog a little lately.  It’s been 11 days since I’ve posted anything.  Have you noticed?

The thing is, I’ve been thinking about my blog.  And what to write and if I want to write anything.  Obviously since the last time I posted was 11 days ago, the answer is, I haven’t felt like blogging.  I feel so many people blog just to fill up their space.  Just to get traffic to their blog.  At least… it seems that’s what blogging has turned into, hasn’t it?  It’s not really a space to write down your daily musings, or to write about family details or what creative project you’ve been working on.  It seems to be more about who can have the most popular blog out there.  I read a ton of blogs and not a lot of them seem genuine.  Many seem to just blog to either fill up space or blog about what everyone else is blogging about because it’s bringing in traffic.  *shakes head*

Here in my space, that’s not why I blog.  I blog when I feel like it and blog what I feel like blogging about.  Sure, I have people I want to feature and giveaways I need to post, but my blog is not about that.  At least that’s not what I want it to be about.  I want my blog to be a reflection of me and only me.  I want my posts to be musings about my life, my kids, husband, Vlad, creative projects, thoughts, etc.  And my blog, I believe, is just that.  As I have stated before, blogging for me is not about gaining popularity.  It’s not about who is following me, or how many.  It’s not about gaining the maximum amount of exposure.  My blog is for me to write whenever I need or want to about anything and everything I feel appropriate to be blasted on the internet.  While this is my journal, I do realize that it’s public, so not everything I feel or think is posted here.  Nor do I believe that would be appropriate.

However, I don’t believe in blogging to make others happy.  I don’t believe in blogging carefully because you’re afraid of what others will think of you.  Blogging your true self is what people want to read not some fake mumbo jumbo that you pulled out of no where or a post that everyone else is doing.  Blogging is about us as people.  It’s an online journal of sorts.  Of course it would likely be inappropriate to post what we would in a private journal on a public blog, but when you blog, is it reflecting who you are or who you want people to think you are?

I always wonder if I met some bloggers in person if they would be how they are on their blog or if they’d be completely different.  I’ve met many bloggers and I’ve found most of them to be completely different than their online worlds seem to be.  I just think a blog is a reflection of who you are, and it’s a matter of whether one chooses to be real or be “fake” on their blog.  And then the choice is yours… who do you want to be?  Who are you?



  1. I agree. What you read is what you would meet. I blog for me; no one else.

  2. Thanks for sharing! I am always being pressured about how I need to blog 3 times a week and market my products. Ugh! I’d rather just be me and do it when I am inspired to share! Glad I’m not the only one that feels this way.

  3. I agree that some people are not authentic in any situation. I used to post just the things I make on my facebook avatar, but then I saw so many just use their own picture. I thought, why not? If anyone does not buy from me because of my skin color, then fine. I don’t need or really want to know. I have a “starter” blog, but I have yet to post anything or even try to add to it. I confuses me so much. One day, I’ll take as much time as I do reading other blogs to start my own proper one. Thanks again for your honest and insightful posts.

  4. I am so freaked out because you may have been in my head recently. That’s totally not cool. Get out!

    No, really… I sometimes wonder why I read some of the blogs that post every single fucking day just because they need to post some fabulously awful little how-to. Oh that is so harsh and as I read it I realize it’s really not nice. I should just delete them from my reader and go on with life. We are all out here to post what we think the world may like to read.

    I have to admit that when I take photos of family outings and my husband says to me “did you get something that will work for your blog?” I seriously want to vomit. Actually, he made homemade potato chips that I photographed and when he said that to me I totally deleted all the pictures. I don’t have a food blog! My husband is an actual chef (on my blog I call him Chef for privacy) but I can barely boil water. I sew, but more than that I show a little bit about my weird family. If you met me in person you would get a lot more cussing than on my blog, but I also can judge my face-to-face audience better than the whole damn world as a collective group.

    I certainly would not fit into most of the blogging world if it were in person. I have to say that I naively came into the blog world before realizing it can be pretty… oh here I need to stop myself because judging is not what I am about. Funny thing is that I can decide that without the need for religion. That is one constant for my blog. A clear lack of anything relating to religion.

    Soooooo. I think the direction you are going is great because I never leave such long comments to blog posts.

    p.s. more book reviews are good too ;)

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