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“Create whatever you want.  There are no rules.” -Anonymous

I’ve been thinking for the past couple of weeks about myself.  I’m not priority #1 in my thoughts most of the time, but sometimes one needs to retreat into themselves and just brood, think, ponder, whatever word you want to call it works.  I keep asking myself the same question…

Just because I got bored making camera straps doesn’t mean I can’t make and sell other things, right?

Does this make me insane?

The fact is, I like to create things.  And truth be told, I like creating things for others more than I do for myself.  Weird, I know.  Another truth… Idle hands.  They get me into trouble.  Yes, I read a lot, but that’s different than creating.  The thing is, I have lots of ideas.  And truth is, I want to implement those ideas.  My fear though is that I will forever be known as the camera strap girl.  I’ll likely be forever known as Sheyb, and that’s ok.  I don’t mind that.  I’m used to it.  And, I am rambling.

I guess the trouble I get myself into is my inability to make a decision with certain things and stick with it.  The best way for me, is to just throw caution to the wind and just go for it.

Do you ever get board with what you’re currently doing and just want a do-over?  Or a do-something-new?  Fresh start?

Tell me about it.




  1. I am the same way about a lot of things…photography is the first thing that I crave when I am not doing it. Maybe it isn’t about what you you are making…maybe it is the fact that you are making something.

  2. Hello creative sista!
    When I saw that you weren’t doing your famous camera straps awhile back I’ll admit I couldn’t believe it. You are the camera strap queen. I so understand the need to change your craft and move on to something else though. I also have to just throw things to the wind and go for it! And that is just part of the creative journey I think! And you know what. It’s absolutely OK! You already have an ENORMOUS platform and audience. SheyB is international!! Everyone will be dying to see what you make next. You are an awesome artist and creator and I just know that you will find your next art groove and it will be ah-mazing!! Maybe camera straps were the foundation that you use to build your next crafty empire!! Sending you positve thoughts and creative vibes!!
    XoXo – Tiffany

  3. Boy, do I understand this feeling. I am there currently as I am “reflecting” on my first year in this creative business stuff. The what worked what didn’t phase. I got so fed up that I threw my sketchbook across the room. When I am not creating, though, I am not happy. Whether it is baking bread, drawing, gardening, etc, I have to create.

    The Pet Portrait Girl….(locally known only yet)

  4. Oh I have such a problem with taking on the world and then quickly getting bored. I will get a “brilliant” idea, buy a ton of supplies, make one… then I’m over it. Problem is that I have supplies for about 50 of that same thing. I used to do this same thing with my house which actually was pretty nice since I learned how to tile and do electrical work. The problem is that the kids bathroom shower needs to be finished and the living room drywall still needs to be taped, mudded, sanded and painted. I started those projects 7 years ago!

    I wonder if you have the same thing I have which is that once I see a project finished in my head, I’m done with it. Ready to move on. It sure is easy to finish a project in my thoughts. It also always turns out perfect that way!

  5. Hi, I just found your blog and saw your camera straps for the first time!
    I read that you aren’t making them anymore, but I did see your facebook page
    where there is a photo that says Camera Strap PDF file. I do sew and would love to make one for my daughter’s 15th birthday next month. She does photography
    as a hobby and would absolutely love one of these. I already have some fabric left over from re-modeling her bedroom that she would absolutely love! Do you have a pattern or instruction sheet to share? I’m also now subscribed to your blog.

    Thanks so much for any help you can give me!

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