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Merry Christmas!

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It’s been a LONG time since I wrote any sort of blog post on here.  Been overly extremely pathetically busy.  But, I wanted to stop in and wish you all a Merry Christmas!  :)


I didn’t have time to get picture of my girls before an appropriate time to actually make cards and send them out.  That’s a first!  So, here’s the picture above.  This should satiate my parent’s need to see pictures of their grandchildren when they can’t actually be with them.

Poor Vlad is on “crate rest” so he couldn’t get out and take a picture with the girls.  He was neutered a couple weeks ago.  10 days after being neutered I took him to the vet due to some swelling.  My vet was very concerned and instructed me to put Vlad on “crate rest” for 10 days straight.  He is only able to get out for bathroom breaks.  Poor guy!  Only 5 days to go Vlad!

We open all of our gifts on Christmas Eve, saving Santa gifts and stockings for Christmas morning.  My kids showed so much appreciation to each other for the gifts they exchanged.  Heart felt sentiments such as “Thank you Sissy” and “This is awesome Sissy” were in abundance.  I love my girls.

Have a blessed Christmas everyone!!


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  1. Enjoy the adorable sister stage. It won’t be long before they are at each other’s throats over sharing clothes or hogging the bathroom. The joys of teenage girls. :)

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