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Dear Readers, I’d Love Your Thoughts –


Anyone there?

Today I would love it if you’d comment.

When I make products I always have all of you in mind.

And since so many of you have told me you’re excited for bags to make it into my shop, I would love for you to share.

What are you looking for in a bag?

Ruffles or No ruffles?  Large or small?  Clutches?  Many patterns together or matching?  Long handles or shorter handles?  Your perfect price point?  Flowers?  Simple or crazy?

So, if you’d be so kind… please too me.  What’s your dream handmade bag look like and how much would it cost?  {realistic prices would be great.  LOL}

I look forward to hearing what YOU have to say.  :) 





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  1. Okay, bags….I’d like to see a wide tote bag with fun prints, maybe ruffles, and I almost bought a market tote on etsy the other day for $30…so my magic price point would be that! Then I’d buy yours of course! ;) haha!

  2. I like larger bags,but I’d also like a really cute mid-size purse. I’m stuck between diaper bags and purses at the moment and sort of craving one just for me ;)

    I always love ruffles ;)

    OH! A computer bag would be kick butt too!

  3. I like a big bag. Maybe with a long thick strap to carry across me rather than on the shoulder. Right now I am loving anything with big polka dots, houndstooth, zebra print, and some kind of embellishment like ruffles or flowers. Hope that is helpful.
    I’d pay in the $40-$50 range for a bag like that. All your strap covers were beautiful, so I’m sure your bags will be, too!

  4. Definitely ruffles! And maybe some linen, doiles and lace :) Hmmm, have you thought about making phone/ipod sleeves? I would totally buy one of those!

  5. I need something that is in a sturdy, yet, washable fabric. I have a two year old and a gsp and am always on the look out for sturdy fashionable market bags. I use them to cart toys up and down the stairs, take to the store, the dog park, you get the idea. I would love to see something with one of those great flower pins on it. Not much of a ruffles gal and if it was $40 or less, I can keep it in my budget range.
    BTw, love the name gossamer.

  6. I love large tote bags. I have two little ones so I put everything in one bag. My things, their things, and whatever other junk I have to carry around on a particular day. While I love fun prints with ruffles, I occasionally want a neutral bag that will go with just about anything or a really nice clutch that I can’t take on date night. I think $50 and below is a good price point. I’ve spent too much on bags that are not worth the $70-$90 that some charge.

  7. Hi Shey! I like mid-size to big bags. Want to be able to wear it over my shoulder, so it should have long-ish handles. I love ruffles and also patterns like polka dots, BUT if I were looking for a bag I would actually purchase (which means I would want to use it nearly every day), I’d go for one or the other–either a neutral like grey WITH ruffles, or a bag with patterned fabric with less frill. If I’m going to pay $40 (that’s about my magic number), I want something that will last–lined, serged, well made. :)

  8. It’s not really a bag… but I got a kindle for Christmas and would LOVE a little pouch/sleeve for it!! A few ruffles :)

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