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{Featured Tutorial} Ikea Storage Customization by Erin Lauray


Today, Erin of erinLauray is here to share am awesome tutorial with you!  I know I don’t share a lot of tutorials on my blog… I really don’t have the time, and the amount of time it takes to actually do a tutorial post is too daunting a task for me to do often, but I love sharing other’s tutorials!  We mostly do it over here, but sometimes one or a few will pop up here!  I hope to at least do 2 tutorials on here this year of my own… gotta set that goal low people.  LOL!  Anyway… check out Erin’s tutorial… {Erin has a shop too!  Click HERE to check it out.}
Hello! I am Erin and I blog at by erinLauray. I am a stay-at-home mommy to an adorable and energetic little girl who is almost two and a little boy on the way! I blog mostly about life, parenting, and the occasional mushy love story – heehee – and have an online shop but am changing lanes to pursue a long-time dream of web and blog design. I am so excited and honored to be a part of Shea’s blog and hope you enjoy my fun and useful DIY!
I have 81 DVDs. That is not counting my Friends seasons collection or my daughters ever expanding movie collection. On my bookshelf, these DVDs take up FOUR shelves. Not to mention that this is a low standing bookshelf that my daughter LOVES to pull every single thing off of and you’ve got yourself a DVD disaster. I recently decided that enough was enough (and didn’t care too much for my movies skipping on scratches from my daughter using the discs as toys) and brainstormed a way to corral my movies but still keep some “pretty” in the mix.
I thought about getting one of those CD books that hold like 200 discs but that wasn’t an aesthetically pleasing option. Putting them higher off the ground wasn’t an option either. That is when I stumbled upon these cool DVD sleeves on where you can insert the cover of the movie and the disc into a small plastic sleeve. Genius!
Then, I went to IKEA (where else would you go if you needed inexpensive storage?) and bought a media box. But this is where I brought in the “pretty.” :) Here is what you’ll need for a cute and inexpensive way to store all of your DVDs away from toddler hands:
This is my IKEA media box (pre-assembly), Modge Podge (I used the matte kind), a foam brush, a half yard of fabric.
Since the box had to be assembled, it made it easy to trace and measure for cutting the fabric. First, take the two handle sides and trace a paper pattern out of that, measure the two other sides, and also the bottom of the box (so that it was pretty inside too!).
Cut the fabric for each piece.
I then applied a generous portion of Modge Podge with my foam brush and carefully placed the fabric piece onto the wood making sure the edges were even and also not lifting.
Repeat with each piece of the box and let dry 15 minutes.
When the Modge Podge had started to dry, I applied a top coat over all the pieces. Be careful not to do too much because you don’t want the fabric to be tacky to the touch. Make corrections if necessary – I had to press some of the edges down because they had lifted a little.
I forgot to take pics of the assembly process, but after the pieces have dried and you’re satisfied with the way it looks, assemble your box.
And voila! You’ve got a customized look for your shelf that secretly houses all of your DVD entertainment. I LOVE this because it looks so pretty but also is super functional. :) Now I am just waiting for my sleeves to arrive so my kitchen table doesn’t look like this:
In case you’re curious about price, I bought 100 of these DVD sleeves for a little over $15 including shipping. The IKEA box was $8, fabric was $3, and Modge Podge was $7 (no, I didn’t already have Modge Podge – gasp!). So you’ve got an adorable solution for your movies for about $35 (possibly less if you aren’t a weirdo like me and actually have Modge Podge ;).
Do you have any genius ideas that you’ve implemented in your home to keep things organized and pretty at the same time? Share with us in the comments below! :)
Thank you, Shea, for having me! :)
Thanks for stopping by Erin and sharing this great tutorial on my blog!  What a great way to make your home more like you.  I love incorporating fabric in different ways.  So fun!!
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  1. Thank you so much for the tutorial! Your box looks amazing! Which brand of fabric do you like the most?

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