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Happy New Year everyone!  Hope you had a great one!

We did.  Just hung out, shot off fireworks and that’s pretty much it.  There is no fanfare over here on New Years.  LOL!

My goal for 2011 in reading was to read 101 books.  At 11:56pm on New Years Eve I finished my ONE HUNDRED SIXTH book!  I read 160 books last year peeps.  Can you say awesome?  :)  And yes.  This week I will be sharing with you my favorite books I read in 2011, so be ready for that.

I’ve been working away on items for my new store, Gossamer.

Bags are in the works.  There is one listed in there right now. It’s large, in charge and there are only 2 available.  It’s quite a lovely bag I’d day.  And for only $40?  Quite affordable. See it HERE.

I also made 3 Mini Top Hat Fascinators.  Seriously fun head pieces let me tell you.  My little girls want me to make one for them super bad.  See them HERE.

And new hair flowers have been added, but since there are so many of them, I’m going to start grouping them by color in my store.  See those HERE.

I’ve decided to hold off on the giveaway I posted the other day and post another one in a couple of weeks instead.  Then I will be offering a shop credit to the winner… maybe 2.  So go to the Gossamer Facebook page and like it.  The more people that like the page, the more credit I will offer!!  So, pass the word on for me if you’d be so kind.  Go HERE to to Like Gossamer on Facebook.

More bags are coming soon as promised.  The bags I’m listing this week will be {at least most of them} $25 or less.  :)  With ruffles.

Anyone interested in flower bracelets?

It’s been so awesome this past week.  My creative side has come back to me 100 fold.  My brain is bursting at the seams with creative ideas that I want to make.  I want to create every single day, every single hour lately.  I hope you all are liking what I’m bring out… It’s one of those things that shop owners really never know.

If you have things you’ve been dying for someone to make, let me know.  If you have ideas you want to share with me, things you want to see, let me know!  My email is: or you can leave your thoughts, as always, in the comments below.  :)

I did want to let you know how much I appreciate you all.  I know I really have not blogged a lot lately.  But I truly appreciate those of you that have stuck around and who are endlessly encouraging.  I love ya!  :)

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  1. Shey, what can I say but BRAVISSIMO! Adorable hats and the bags are cute too. So much so that I posted this to my linkedin and my tumblr page and I could go on an on. Awesome, glad to see your creativity shine!

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