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You’ve all seen the posts around the blogosphere where people show off their fashionable clothes right?  Everyday they share a photo of what they wore on each particular day.  Right down to their accessories.  I rarely ever read these posts… not because I don’t think their outfits may be cute, but because these posts do nothing for me.  There is no inspiration in an outfit for me.

I promise you that I am the leader of the Sweatpants Mafia.  I mean, I would be if there was such a thing.

My whole life I have never been into trends.  In high school I was a plain t-shirt and jeans girl.  Always with flip flops, of course.  Though the trends changed many times, I didn’t change after high school.  Even now, if I’m going out with friends to a movie, a bar or dinner… I still turn to jeans and t-shirts.  Plain t-shirts mostly.  The difference is that my outlook on jeans is different.  I think they’re the most uncomfortable pieces of clothes ever created.  I feel the same about short dresses.  Short meaning above my knees… I always feel like my butt is going to show when I bend down.  Shorts are the same way.  I see super majorly skinny chicks in short shorts and wonder if they know their butt is almost showing.  Maybe they’re so confident they don’t mind a little butt showing?   I have no idea.  :)

As far as dresses, I only really like long ones.  Down to my ankles.  Maxi dresses I prefer.

You’ll never see me in a tube/strapless top.  God forbid one of my boobs popped out.  I’d likely die of embarrassment.

I don’t show off my stomach, or too much leg.  I do wear short sleeve shirts!  :)

Ladies, and {possibly} gentlemen, I wear sweatpants/yoga pants every single day – unless I’m going out with my husband or friends.

Grocery store, Target, Joann’s, Boxing, Muai Tai, dinner with my family?  Yoga pants.
You see… I’m not into fashionable clothing, because I don’t fell comfortable in them.  I don’t feel like me.  And that’s how I’ve been my entire life.  If I’m uncomfortable wearing something, I won’t buy it or I take it off immediately.  Feeling comfortable is a need for me.  I could care less about being fashionable.


This is not to mention my extreme dislike of the current fashion, which is mixing patterns together.  I’ve never understood the flowers with polka dots or plaid and stripes together – then putting on bright socks with sandals.  Seeing this makes my eyes bug out and words to fly out of my mouth like: WHY WHY WHY?!  Lord WHY?!  or THEY AREN’T MATCHING – when then turns into a total need to contact someone telling them they have to match!  Just ask my kids and husband… I am a matching freak.  I may wear sweat and yoga pants all the time but I ALWAYS match.  Always.  My kids aren’t allowed to leave this house unless they match.  That is how OCD about matching I am.


I’m not alone right?  Tell me your thoughts!


  1. I am right there with you! We call them “sexy pants” at my house! Lol

  2. I’ve always hated jeans!! Now that I am early pregnant again I’ve been living in yoga pants too!

  3. Sweatpants, yoga workout clothes, jeans, and tshirts lots of them. Hair usually in a ponytail or clip. Go Sweatpants Mafia.

  4. I know what you mean about jeans, t-shirt, and flip flops! I just started blogging this past spring and started doing those posts just because they were easy to do… but pretty quickly realized that I wore the same jeans or cargo pants and hand-me-down t-shirts every week! I quit for awhile but just started up again to document some baby bump pictures. My hands down all time favorite outfit post was when I went on vacation with my parents and did a “What My Dad Wore” post. He seriously wire the same shorts ALL week! Keep rocking the yoga pants!

  5. We had some friends in town recently, and they were coming over for the fourth time in about two weeks. I realized that night that I had been wearing the exact same lounge pants, t-shirt and hoodie every single time they came over. For a brief moment I thought about trying to fix myself up that night, but I honestly doubt they cared :) I stay home all day with two little boys. I want to be comfy. I do like to fix up when I go out with friends or with my husband, but for day to day it just isn’t practical.

  6. Sweatpants are amazing. Truth. Dressing up every day is not for everyone & trust me I get tired of wearing the same four pairs of jeans. So I stay in my PJs. And its awesome.

  7. So, I think we should start a Sweatpants Saturday linky … sort of like WIWW but for those of us who live in yoga pants. Like … ahem … me. ;)

  8. I am TOTALLY with you!! I HATE dressing up wether it’s in a dress, or in slacks!! I camethisclose to not wearing a dress for my wedding!!! T-shirt and jeans will ALWAYS be my go to “going out” outfit!! And yoga pants are my everywhere else outfit!! :) SWEATPANTS MAFIA!!!!!!!!!! :)

  9. As I read this I thought, “This is totally me!”

  10. Love my Old Navy Yoga Pants….

  11. i am the same way! i live in yoga pants whenever i can get away with it. i’ve been telling people it’s ‘sweatpants chic.’

  12. I think I may have written this post just sayin…..or maybe you are a long list sister :)

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