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You got that right!  Remember the post I wrote the other day titled “Sweatpants Mafia”?  :)  Well, guess what!  I’ve designed a T-Shirt!  Join my crew!  You can pre-order your Sweatpants Mafia shirts HERE.  I will be ordering them at the end of this week!  So get your orders in ASAP.  :)  {the color of the background is the approximate color the shirt will be}  If you’re going to Creative Estates, totally buy one, because we’ll be wearing them together one night for a group picture… which will then follow with a pillow fight!  :)

I’ve also designed 2 other shirts!  “I Am A Sewing Machine” and “I Am Handmade”.  What better way to express yourself than with a shirt?  I have a “I Am A Sewing Machine” shirt and I adore it.  Great conversation started too.  :)  You can pre-order those HERE and HERE.

I’ve also brought out some new items… see those in my store HERE.

I wanted to clarify one thing… some have asked me about camera strap covers and some other such things… I AM taking custom orders for camera straps.  Current fabrics available are in my shop.  I have others as well … just tell me colors you’re interested in.  I am taking custom orders for the following: Laptop sleeves, camera strap covers, iPad sleeves, Kindle/Fire/Nook Clutches, etc.  Let me know what you’re interested in and we can go from there.  There is NO EXTRA CHARGE for custom orders.  If you can dream it, I’m pretty sure I can make it.  :)

And if you clicked on those links, you’ll notice something else, right?  In an earlier blog post I wrote about changing my shop’s name to Gossamer.  After a couple of weeks using that as my store name, I changed my store back to SheyB.  I couldn’t deal with a different name.  It was driving me insane.  haha.  SheyB is who I am and it just felt weird and wrong to have a different name… almost like I was not being me.  And that’s not how I am, as you all know.  I didn’t want to be someone else – whether it’s just a shop name or not.  It felt wrong.  Now I feel right again having SheyB back.  :D  And I gave my SheyB font a little upgrade.  I love the new font very much.  Classy.  :)  I know my store is a bit eclectic compared to what it used to be, but that’s just because I’m loving making a lot of different things.  It helps keep me from the mundane of just one product over and over again.

Come over and follow me on the SheyB Facebook page… I give lots of sneak peeks of new products/fabrics over there!  I have a couple sneaks over there that I posted last night, infact.  :)  Click HERE to like SheyB.  If you want to follow me on my personal Facebook page, I’d love that too {I always follow back} click HERE.

Incase you didn’t hear, the Creative Estates Retreat officially SOLD OUT at the end of last week!  I’m over the moon about this!!  And I can not wait for the retreat to get here!  My life is so busy right now and just keeps getting busier, but I’m loving every minute of it!

I’m about ready to head to my MMA gym for my Boxing class.  If you have any questions, please feel free to email me: and I will get back to you once I get back from punching and sweating.  :)

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  1. Hi,
    I am hoping you can help. My husband and I both shoot Canon cameras using this new, super cool sling strap. I would really like to surprise him for his birthday (Sept. 20) with a custom strap, but we really like the ones we’re using. Can you make a custom sleeve to go on the ones we use? I am adding a link so you can see the strap made by Black Rapid. It’s the RS Sport strap. It has a padded cover for the shoulder, but which is great , but I was thinking if I could find a personalized cover to go down my husband’s back with the name of our new photography company it would be awesome! There’s about 12″ of strap back there that a cover would be great on and not interrupt the use of the strap itself. Cn you help or give a suggestion? Our company is ChapterNext Photography. Here the link to the strap:

    Thanks so much for your time & help. Found you on Google through your blog.

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