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I’m writing this blog post from 29,000 feet!  How cool is that!  Gotta love the option to purchase in-flight wifi!  :)


I get asked a lot about advertising.  What’s my opinion? What’s too much money to spend?  Is it worth it?  Etc.

I have addressed advertising before on my blog.  But what I’ve found is that over time, my opinions seem to change.  Which is normal.  As times change and things evolve online, it is completely normal to change your views on things.  Afterall, we do this in our normal daily lives, don’t we?  I know I do.

My opinion on the matter doesn’t really matter, but I can tell you my experience with advertising has been very beneficial.  I feel that advertising on a side bar alone doesn’t get you much.  Now-a-days so many people are using a blog reader of some sort.  A blog reader takes out the layout of a blog and only the provides the blog content, which is really all you need, right?  Well for us that want to advertise, blog readers give us a huge disadvantage in that our ads aren’t being seen by every reader that certain blog has.

In fact, I would place a bet any day that blogs these days are getting more and more greedy with advertising so their blog’s sidebar is filling up so full with ads which makes the blog A. less appealing and B. harder to stand out because most people aren’t clicking on the sidebar ads if there are so many of them that just one glace at said sidebar causes overstimulation to the mind.

So I guess what I’m saying is 1st step before agreeing to advertise is to check how many ads are currently already on the blog you’re wanting to advertise on.  Can you imagine you button there?  Will your button be lost due to the amount of buttons already on the blog?  If the answer is yes to any of these questions, then you should know the answer to whether or not you should advertise on that blog.

I’ve been noticing a huge trend in giveaway posts over the past 6 months.  And this trend I hate.  It’s called GROUP GIVEAWAYS.  Ugh.  I hate them so.  As a business, being crammed into a group giveaway really sucks.  Especially if this group giveaway contains more than 4-5 other shops.  The sheer amount of requirements for these group giveaways is completely insane to say the least.  Not only do you have to read through the entire post but the requirements really are nuts.  Follow everyone’s blog, facebook, twitter, then you have to go to their shop and tell which item you like best, then you have to follow the blog owner’s blog, facebook, and twitter.  And LEAVE COMMENTS FOR EACH ONE SEPARATELY.  So by the time you’ve completely entered in this giveaway, 4 hours have gone by.

I entered a group giveaway one time.  I sat down with a drink and my lunch, opened up my laptop, clicked the link and got to entering.  There were 8 shops in the group giveaway.  I looked at the clock – it was around 11:45am.  I did everything required, and when I looked back up to the clock it was 1:55pm!  NO joke.  Over 2 hours it took me to enter that giveaway.  RIDICULOUS!  And it’ll never happen again.  I don’t have enough time in my day, let alone my life to enter giveaways like that.  I get stressed out just thinking about group giveaways!  LOL!

Anyway.  Back to the trend.  Lately it seems like it’s getting harder and harder to figure out advertising, because it seems EVERY SINGLE BLOGGER thinks charging for advertising is an awesome idea.  I can assure you, it’s not.  Here are some pointers when choosing places to advertise.

Does this blog work well with your product?

Does the blog owner write good giveaway/feature/product posts?

How many comments are giveaway receiving?

What types of products are being given away?

What types of companies are advertising on this blog?


It’s easier visiting a blog when you have a plan.  You can see what size ads are offered, what the blog looks like, how their writing is, etc.  You want to make sure each blog is a good fit for your blog/shop.  Otherwise it’s pointless to advertise.

That being said, I do believe that advertising most definitely can be worth it.  For me personally, I will only advertise on a blog that is clean, doesn’t have a million sidebar ads, has reasonably priced side bar ads and offers an option to have a featured giveaway post with no one else just myself.

How much is too much to spend?  I cant’ answer that… only you can.  I do give advertising advice a lot and this question inevitably comes up.  I can in-person or over the phone, tell you blogs that would be worth it to pay the price, and which likely would not.  I also believe finding your niche is key.  Advertise on a variety of blogs and see which blog genres bring you the most business or the most traffic.  Does that makes sense?  My comments are off this week, but if you have questions, you can always always email me!  :)

I hope i’ve answered some of your questions today!  If you have others, just email them to me and I’d be happy to email you back the answers if I know them.  If I don’t know them, I’ll find out for you!  :)


Have a great day!  Come back tomorrow!  Got a super awesome super secret to help reveal.  :)

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