Shey B

Extraordinary Magical Sparkles

Today I took my kids on a trip.  I don’t do that much.  Just drop everything and take them somewhere totally awesome.  But, today I did.  I went to the most fun place.  A place where there are no worries.  No orders to be done, no homework, no chores, no internet.  I took the girls to Flagstaff to see the snow.

Zoe has never seen the snow.  She’s five, people.  And Angelina hasn’t seen snow in years and years.  So I wanted to remedy that.  Today I did.  I’m not sharing pictures in this post, because I don’t think they’re relevant to the actual description of the happiness I saw on their faces.  A happiness and a joy so pure it brings tears to my eyes just to recall it.

Most of you know how much I can’t stand living where I live in Arizona.  But there is one place in Arizona that I would move to at the drop of a hat and with an actual smile on my face.  And that place is Flagstaff. {I call it Flag}.   For me it’s a place that we don’t visit often enough even though it’s less than 3 hours from us.  When I arrive in Flag I look upon it’s picturesque views with adoration and contentment.  Because that’s what that location does… for me anyway.  It brings contentment.  And joy.  The smell of fresh air, the crisp smell of pine trees, and in the winter, the sound of crunching snow under the soles of your feet.  Flag has season which I desperately miss.  And it’s a small town, which the older I get, the more appealing living in one sounds.  I love a big city, but there is just nothing like the woods or the country.  I’m not one to love nature or hiking, but something about being in the woods holds a magical intrigue for me, almost like the woods are calling me to come explore.  Sigh.  I love Flagstaff.

The pure joy on my girl’s faces today was so bright that anyone that may have walked by would have been infected with it.  It was like it’s own entity.  Their squeals of delight.  The smiles and laughter.  The snowball fights, and cold hands.  The pure wonder on Zoe’s face as she stared off at the vast amount of sparkling white.  Seeing Angelina throw herself on the ground immediately because she’d been dying to make a snow angel of epic proportions.  And seeing Zoe watch her and then do the same thing.  For me, as their mom, it was the best kind of day.  I swept them away and showed them a new place, a new place and day magical enough that they won’t forget it.  I swept them away from our normal mundane and took them to do something fun that was nothing short extraordinary for them.  And for me.

Today was a day that they won’t forget, nor will I.  {Vlad won’t either.  He had a blast too}.  But you know what made this day all the more amazing for me?  As we were leaving our snowy meadow, both of my girls stopped mid run, while knee deep in the snow, looked me in the eyes, grabbed my hands and whispered, “Thank you mama!  This was the best day ever!”  And my response to them?  “Thank you for sharing it with me.  This was so much more special spent with you.”  Those girls melt my heart into a puddle regularly.  I plan on making more memories just like this with them.






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