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Customer Friendly – A Guest Post By Kashoan


Today I am bringing you something fun!  I guest post from another shop owner.  :)

I’m REALLY overly super duper over my head busy over here, so Kashoan {pronounce ca-shown} offered to write a guest post for me!  :)

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Hi Everyone! I am Kashoan from KraftyKash. I will be guest posting for the lovely SheyB today.


I have been extremely fortunate to have sucess at what I love doing, making jewelry out of vintage finds.

One thing that I really pride myself in, is having a customer friendly shop.

I want to give you a few ideas on some things that I do in my Etsy shop for all my customers.

-respond to questions in a timely manner

I don’t know about you, but I hate it when I find something really cool online & have a question for the seller & the seller responds 5 days later or not at all.

I have my email on my blackberry & get a notification every time I get an email from a potential customer.

I answer it as fast as I can.

-let your customer know that you got their order

I am sometimes nervous about spending $$ online. When I make a purchase, I want to know that the seller got my money.

I send out a quick thank you for your purchase email to my buyers, letting them know when their necklace will be shipped.

-enclose a hand written thank you note

Gone are the days of writing letters.

I truly appreciate every sale I get.

So I always enclose a small hand written note, just to say thank you.


I hope that you find this information helpful & can take a few tips to use in your own shop.

Visit my Etsy shop here.

Follow KraftyKash on Facebook here.

Feel free to email me with any question at



  1. great tips…i think your business isn’t successful unless you have these implemented.

  2. My sister and I always joke that our favorite thing about shopping on Etsy is the way the package arrives. I love the personal touch so many small business owners add to the experience. It wins me over every time.

  3. Love the ideas! I love the hand written thank you. I miss the days of knowing that people use to take the time to write you instead of a quick 2 second email. :)

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