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31 Days. {something fun is coming in May!}


May is coming.  I wonder how, in the past, I managed to keep my sanity.  Because just thinking about the month of May makes me stress out a little.  How, when I owned my business, did I manage to keep it together.  That I do not know.  It could be because my birthday is in May.  And I love my birthday, so the excitement maybe trumped everything else?  I do not know.

This year I plan on doing something totally awesome, yet totally insane at the same time.  Since I’m turning 31 next month I will be doing 31 tutorials on my blog.  All done by me. So that’s basically 1 tutorial every single day in May.  I’ve already started working on some of the tutorials.  What tutorials will I be doing?  Here’s a small list of what I’ll show you hot to create: a Camera Strap Cover, a Camera Clutch, an Everyday Clutches, a Point  & Shoot Purse, a fabric no sew wreath, leather bracelets, ruffled necklaces, a chevron painting using gloss & matte paint, stamped clay, etc.  I will also be sharing some fun ideas for Mother’s Day the first week of May.

I don’t have all 31 tutorials planned.  But would love your input of what you would love to learn how to make.  You can leave your ideas in the comments or email me: shealynn AT gmail DOT com!  I really look forward to your ideas, and I look forward to doing 31 tutorials next month!  Despite how crazy that actually is to do 31 of them, I’m looking forward to it!!  :)  Also… I might be giving away some of the items in the tutorials too!  *waggles eyebrows*



I’m excited!  I hope you are too!!!


  1. Sounds amazing! I’ll try to think of something for you to add to your list!

  2. This is so amazing…can’t wait!

  3. oh, happy birthday month coming up!
    so excited for the 31 tutorials! i am excited for all of the ones you have planned already!

  4. For mother’s day it would be cute to make a felt flower bouquet.

  5. i cant wait!!

  6. Yay! I’m excited for this! Happy almost birthday!!!

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