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All For The Man Cave

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You know since I’m no longer running a business I’ve had more time on my hands.  LOTS more time.  Which has it’s pros and it has it’s cons.  There are more pros.  :)

Since I have more time on my hands, my brain has been a non stop thinking and pondering machine.  Sometimes at night I find it hard to go to sleep because my brain just simply won’t shut up.  haha.

There are so many things that I want to do.  And I’ve been doing some of them.  But at the end of December I decided my husband having a “man cave” was more important than it was for me to have a sewing room.  In all honesty I hate sewing in a room.  I feel isolated for some reason.  I would much rather sew/craft downstairs parked in front of my television.  My sewing room was no longer really a sewing room… it was really just a storage room for all my crap.  So since I have all of this time on my hands, “project man cave” (at least that’s what I call it in my head) commenced.

You know, TLC really needs to add a spinoff of the Hoarders show on TV called Hoarders: Crafter Edition, because I swear that we crafters hoard so much crap.  I literally threw away 4 VERY FULL giant black trash bags of crap in the trash.  Just excessive nonsense that I didn’t need.  I sold almost 80 yards of fabric and still have about 40+ that I’m keeping.  I sold some scrapbooking tools too.  You guys, I haven’t scrapbooked in over 4 years!  hahaha.  I kinda feel liberated as I go through all of this stuff and get rid of what I no longer want or need.  It’s funny because with every bag that I brought dragged downstairs I could see the light in my husband’s eyes get brighter and brighter.  I knew what my neat freak of a husband was thinking!  You could see the excitement hidden there.  Because he knew he was getting his own space soon.  Space where he can go work if he needs to or go build his robotic thingies.  And he can do all this with the door closed or open.  The thing is, I am pretty sympathetic to my husband’s needs, so what better way than to give up my space to him?

And when I tell you that he’s a neat freak, I’m dead serious.  He and I are polar opposites.  I’m not a dirty person, nope.  I just hate doing the actual cleaning.  I love a clean house, but hate being the one to make it clean.  Until I’ve finished and then I can admire my handy work.  haha!  I’m an immediate gratification kind of person and cleaning the housework just takes too darn long!  I will notate that husband has great patience with me (most of the time) when it comes to crafting.  Because you see… I don’t just have 1 singular crafting hobby.  I like to do it all.  I don’t just like to sew.  I recently started goofing around and painting on canvas.  Turns out I think that’s very therapeutic.  Love doing it.  I also sew … as you already know.  And I’ve dabbled in working with clay (and will be soon again as soon as my stamps get here), I make sugar/salt scrubs sometimes, I do lots of no sew projects… in fact I have a tutorial coming up very soon!  Point being is that I like to do many different projects using several different mediums.  I love experimenting and using new things too.  Eventually I want to get into glass cutting and glass blowing.  I’d also love a small kiln where I could melt glass together to make serving bowl/trays etc.

This is just how my creative mind works.  I get bored sometimes so it’s always nice to have something else to do.

I think I just got totally off base here!  hahaha!  Anyway.  I’m currently in the midst of a gigantor mess trying to organize crafting supplies into a few containers and into a basket storage shelving unit thing.  Not an easy feat but I believe everything will fit, miraculously enough.  :)

So tell me… Are you a more than one craft at a time kinda person like me, or do you stick with only one thing?  And what is your craft(s) of choice?


More soon.

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  1. Oh my gosh! I thought I was the only one! I have my own sewing room but I hate being in there. I’d rather be downstairs with the kids or in a central location. Not tucked away in a room in the corner of the house. I don’t want to sound ungrateful but I’m considering moving out if there. Just not sure where I could relocate to. I’m a neat freak so I love different types of crafts but don’t like having to store the different supplies/tools required for each one so for now I stick to sewing. Where are you relocating to in your house?

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