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Less Than 2 Days!


May is less than 2 days away.  I can hardly believe it.  I had a mild freak out this afternoon as I stood scrubbing my bathroom.  Randomly I realized the date and then realized that May 1st is on Tuesday.  Do you remember what starts THIS TUESDAY?  :)

That’s right!!  Who’s ready?

I have a ton planned to share with you.  And among this my oldest daughter, Angelina’s 10th birthday to plan.  Paris is her theme.  There “may” be tutorials I’ll be teaching while I make decorations for her party too.  ;)

Speaking of Paris.  And parties.  Have any of you been to Paris or any of you live in Paris?  I need ideas.  What do you see that makes you think “PARIS!”?

In addition to the 31 tutorials in May I will also be writing 1 random thing about myself each day in the post as well.

I’m getting excited!!  I hope you are too.  I’ll be back tomorrow afternoon/evening.



  1. OMG I am so so excited!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Can’t wait to see what you’ve come up with

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