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Living Necklace Tutorial and Giveaway!


If you missed this post last week, then you missed what I made.  I got a lot of requests to purchase the necklaces I’m about to show you how to make.  I thought about selling them for a split second, but I made a promise to my husband.  And after going over taxes… I realized owning my own business really wasn’t worth it.  I was shocked by how little I made after all business expenses were calculate.  OUCH!  So, that thought quickly squashed any desire I have to sell anything else again.  LOL!  The good news is that everything I make is going to made into a tutorial for all of you!  :)  If you do end up making these necklaces or anything else I’d love it if you’d link me to it so I can see your versions!

OK, let’s get started, shall we?

Now, first off, I got completely excited about these necklaces and forgot to take pictures of everything you’ll need.  My bad!  But I will explain what you’ll need, which isn’t much.  And you can find all these supplies at your local craft store.  I got mine at Joann’s.

Small vials


Wooden skewer or toothpick

Ball chain or whatever necklace chain you prefer


You can buy the little vials at Joann’s in their jewelry making section.  They were pretty easy to find.  Same with the necklace chains.  The moss is in the floral department.  It’s preserved, so you just need to add water to make it live again.  :)  I would suggest maybe doing a terrarium at the same time or something, because you’ll get a lot of moss in the package at the craft store and you only need a pinch for the necklaces.  (see my previous post)


Take your vials out of the package.  Notice they have the loop already?  They come with that!  Easy, right?  :)

Grab your moss – if you’re also doing a terrarium or something, then put it in a bowl (see below) and put water in the bowl with the moss.  Give it about 15 minutes and you’ll see it come to life… literally before your eyes.


Once the miss is rehydrated, just pinch a tiny piece off.  (this is where I forgot to take pictures) Take the cork top off the vials (set it aside).  Put the moss in the vial hole and use your wooden skewer to help it along to the bottom of the vial.  Once it’s inside, it should have retained enough water from the bowl that you won’t need to add any.  If you’re only taking a pinch of moss from the bag and not rehydrating the entire bag, then put your dried piece of moss inside the vial.  Then fill the vial with water.  Let it sit for a few minutes.  The moss will soak up every last bit of water.  You may want to add one more drop of water in there.

Once your moss is all hydrated and inside your vial, then take the cork top you sat aside earlier and secure it in place.

Take the ball chain (or whatever chain you’re using) and loop it through the hole.  Then put it around your neck or wrap it for a gift, because you’re done!

A super easy necklace, but it can make a pretty big impact… great conversation starter maybe too!


But wait.  I decided that since I made 4 of these necklaces… (and I certainly do not need 4 of them) I’m giving TWO necklaces away!!

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Please leave a comment for each thing you did separately.


Good Luck and thanks for entering!



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  11. I tweeted the giveaway!

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