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Nature in a jar


Today I had tons of fun.

I made 5 terrariums!  And I made some moss necklaces!

I am now completely obsessed with making anything with moss.  haha.

I have several apothecary jars around my house and ALL of them are empty.  Yesterday it dawned on me that a terrarium was a perfect use for the apothecary jars.  Needless to say.  They are no longer empty.  LOL!


So.  First I made these real live moss necklaces… a.k.a “living necklaces”.  Aren’t they awesome?!  So fun!

After those were done it was time for the terrariums!  I’m seriously obsessed with these now and want to make several million of them.  ;)

For a more whimsical feel I added a miniature wheelbarrow and terra cotta pots.  And for a more Shey feel mini books were added too.

The one below has a wishing well, more books and a frog.  :)

After my 2 largest apothecary jars were done, my kids has decided what they wanted in their mini apothecary jars I acquired and Hobby Lobby today.  I love how their terrariums turned out.  Simple yet fun!  We put moss only, a few river rocks, and Pascal from Tangled.  :)

And lastly.  Since we live in Arizona, I thought it fitting to do a succulent terrarium.  Now, since succulents thrive on dry air, they must be in a container with no lid.  Therefore they’re called “open air terrariums”.  I am seriously in love with this one.

So, what do you think?  Fun right?  :)

I will be crafting it up this weekend!  My girls and I have plans to go see Mirror Mirror tomorrow, a friend is coming over with her daughter tomorrow night to hang out too.  Shall be a fun weekend!

What are your plans for the weekend?

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