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The Day I Was Called A Book Hipster


The other day I was told by a friend of mine that I’m a book hipster.  My husband died laughing when he saw the comment on Twitter and proceeded to try and convince me it was true for the next hour.

The thing is, most of the hipsters I’ve come across are … how shall I put it?  They many times have this “I’m better than you” attitude.  My clothes are better than yours, my music is better, therefore I am better.  Often, I’ve heard hipsters referred to as assholes.

However.  This isn’t always true.  I know several hipster type people that are actually really nice people and that normal hipster attitude isn’t part of them.

So imagine my huge amounts of denial when both my friend and Mike agreed that I was very much a book hipster.  Although… A lot of people out there think I’m an asshole, I’m really not.  If people want to have delusional thoughts about me, that’s their prerogative.  :P

Then it hit me this morning.  I AM A BOOK HIPSTER.  And I am sort of a book snob.  *cringe*  I hate to admit it but it’s true.  I tried denying it for that hour my husband was trying to convince me.  But I’m coming out with it because the more I think about it, the more I realize it’s true.  LOL!

Take The Hunger Games for example.  At one time I thought the books were fan-freaking-amazing-tastic.  But since “everyone” has discovered them, I think they’re just “meh” – just ok.  Not the best.  Because I like it when I read books and not a lot of people know about them.  Once they hit the main stream I’m over them.

I also then realize that most people just read when a book gets so huge it becomes a movie, most people don’t actually continually read.  Which bothers me a little.  Not sure exactly why.  Maybe because I know they’re missing out on other amazing books.

What makes me a book hipster?  The fact that I am a bit snobbish about books and once they hit the main stream, I’m on to the next book.  Another reason is because I don’t read what everyone else is reading or what Amazon deems the “top books”.  I read self published or you might call them indie books.  My husband told me that anything with the word indie in it means I’m definitely a hipster.  So be warned all.  If you love indie things… whether it’s music or books or films, YOU too are a hipster.  Love to shop at thrift stores and Goodwill?  You’re a hipster then.

So, no use in denying it any longer.  I am a book hipster.  And you know what… I’m ok with that.  If promoting authors that are self publishing their own books makes me a book hipster, then consider me proud.  I’m just relieved I’m not a “clothing hipster”.  Unless Yoga pants are due to hit the hipster “cool dress” scene, I doubt I’ll ever be.  I don’t dress in the latest fashions either.  I don’t have a shopping problem (unless you include craft supply shopping).  In fact I hate shopping more than most women.  It takes too much time, and I just really don’t give a crap about colored skinny jeans or the latest amazing patterned top.  And I certainly cringe and dry heave a little when I see multiple patters together in an outfit.  Sorry.  Flowers and polka dots or stripes have always looks terrible together.

Yeah.  I’m a book hipster.  But that’s all the hipster that’ll ever be in this girl.  ;)


  1. I can say I am thrilled to have taken your recommendation and read Fifty Shades of Grey. I have not done anything but read since I started on Friday and I am nearly done with the 3rd book. I know it is now hitting the scene, but I got it when you first mentioned and just didn’t get to reading until now. I’ve had some things going on and didn’t think I would be able to keep my mind focused on a book, but if ever there were a book that could have captured me regardless of what was going on this is it.

  2. Haha love you shay, and i could puke when ppl put crazy patterns together!

  3. Yay! We are Goodreads friends, so I can have some of that hipster-ness rub off on me. I love a good book. I used to go to the “A” section in fiction, and just go through the alphabet, picking out books that looked interesting. Ah, life back when I was young and could read 10 books in 2 weeks. :)

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