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I’ve been working on some of the tutorials for next month’s huge 31 tutorial extravaganza!  My husband has been out of town, so there’s been some late night crafting into the wee hours while Netflix keeps me company.  :)

I’ve been doing some painting… but this is all you’ll see until next month.  ;)

I’m watching some random Australian dancing tv show on Netflix right now.  I really believe dancers (or the writers of said dancing shows/movies) have the best outlooks on life and the most inspiring things to say.  I love every dancing show I’ve seen so far.  They make me cry happy inspired tears.  Every. Single. Time.  No joke.  I’m a sap.  ;)


I love this picture of me with our girls… my husband and I took them to see Disney on Ice.  Even though Angelina will be 10 in a few short weeks, she actually ended up really liking it.  Zoe of course loved it.

And this one with their daddy is cute too.  :)  I love taking pictures of my girls with Mike.  I need more of them stat!

My husband left on Sunday.  He’s in Los Angeles until tomorrow.  When my husband goes out of town my kids are super upset.  And lately he’s been going out of town quite a bit.  One thing I’ve discovered is it’s all about the little things with them.  The little efforts that I do to make them feel special is key.  I do this when my husband is home too, but I find it’s most important when he’s gone.  It distracts them and let’s them know that we can still have fun even when dad isn’t home.  Plus they’ve both told me that I make them feel special or “this is the best day ever”.  That’s when I know I’ve done something right!  And I love doing special things with them.  So, when Mike left on Sunday, we stopped and got 2 movies from Redbox and some vanilla ice cream to go with the root beer we already had at home.  :)  We spent the afternoon holed up in the living room with many blankets and pillows watching movies and having a root beer float each.  Little things my friends.  They’re the best things most of the time.  I love my girls.

And my dog.  Oh Vlad.  He is such a stubborn ass all the time.  But he knows how much I love him.  He holds a chunk of my heart.  Especially in moments like I captured below.  And seriously… I can’t believe I actually got the shot with my phone!  It looks like he was kissing my shoulder – when it actuality he was nibbling on it.  haha!  LOVE this picture.  Every bit of it.

I started and finished this book today.  It’s the 3rd in an excellent series!!  The first book is called Caged by Amber Lynn Natusch.  EXCELLENT series!  I love her writing style A LOT.  It’s probably why I love the series so much.  I can relate so much to the main character.


I’ve been reading through The Design Mom’s blog lately.  All about their adventures in France.  They moved abroad for a year.  What an amazing thing to do.  Pack up your family and things and move abroad.  I dream about doing that… not sure that would actually be in the cards for our family, but if it ever was, you’d never catch me saying no to an amazing opportunity like that.  My kids would love it… especially Angelina since she is obsessed with France…. Paris specifically.  I’m not really sure why, unless it’s my fault.  Could be because it’s at the top of my list of dream vacations.  But moving there for a year or more would work for me too.  ;)


Time for me to go to bed.  Angelina has violin tomorrow morning at an ungodly hour.

So… what have you been up to lately?  Do you have any dream vacation destinations you’re dying to visit or maybe move to?  Reading any books?  Creating anything fun?  Tell me all about it!  I seriously would love to know!!




  1. I love doing little things for my boys too. They think I’m silly, but the hugs show they like it!

    I don’t know if I could move to Europe for a year, but what an experience it would be!

  2. Oh the little moments are so great. Recently I started recording old Little House on the Prairie episodes to watch with my daughter and she thinks it’s the bees knees.

    I was married in Italy and we always thought we would at least live there for a few years once we had kids since his career would lend itself to living abroad but when we found out our oldest was blind we decided that it would be too difficult to find the best education for him in a foreign country. Not that they don’t teach Braille all over the world, but we were too nervous to make it happen. Now that we have three kids we wonder if well ever even get to visit Italy with them. I imagine well need to find a spare $8,000 laying around. Not likely!

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