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Tutorial #10 – Leather Wrapped Bling Headband


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It’s day 10 of tutorials!  Well… that’s not really true.  It’s day 11 but right now I’m posting day 10’s tutorial.  Don’t worry though!  There will DEFINITELY be a #11 posted around 5pm PST today!  So come back and check for that!

I have 2 girls who love wearing hair accessories.  Headbands especially.  The problem I have with most headbands these days if they have no way of staying in someone’s hair.  There’s no grip!  They just constantly slide around my girl’s hair and eventually cause them enough grief they just fall off.  How annoying and quite frankly, what a waste of money!  Today I have found a solution for my girls, and maybe for you too!  So let’s get started on today’s tutorial!

Hot Glue Gun


Sueded Cord

Bling (I got mine in the jewelry isle at Michel’s – is supposed to be a necklace chain)

Small scrap of felt

Cut two small squares of felt from your scrap.  Grab you head band and hot glue the felt on the ends of it.  That is if you have a metal headband blank like I was using.  If you don’t, you can skip this step.  It’s likely that the little felt squares you cut will be too big, but just trip around the headband carefully.

Now take your hot glue gun and trail small amounts of hot glue around your headband all while laying the bling down.  Don’t cover the whole headband at one time or your hot glue will dry and you’ll have to peel it off and start over.

It’s ok if the hot glue shows and it looks ugly… you’ll be covering that up!

Once that’s done, grab your leather cording… this is what I used:

Starting at one of the ends of your headband – right above the felt, hot glue an end of the sueded cording to your headband, like so:

Now start wrapping the sueded cording around the headband.  Make sure the cording goes in between each “diamond”…

Keep going like that all the way around the headband until you’ve reached the end.  Snip off the cording, hot gluing it right above the felt just like you did on the other side.

Now you can be done if you like how it looks…

OR!  You can wrap it again (double wrapped).  To do that…

Hot glue an end of your cording to the end of the headband.  Make sure you’ll be wrapping the opposite way you were going before.

And begin wrapping… pull tight so the bling shows clearly.

When you’re done wrapping, then you’re done with your headband!  I love how it turned out!  I’m giving this one to Angelina for her birthday.  I tried taking pictures of me wearing it, but …yeah.  That was impossible.  LOL!

Put on your headband and hit the town, because girl you look fabulous!

This headband took me less than 10 minutes to make!  And it cost $3.50 to make!  Yay!

I plan on buying more headband blanks online (the one pictured above was bought at SAS fabric outlet)


Again, if you try any of these tutorials, please share!  I’ve been linked up a few times this week on Twitter, which is awesome!  You can link me in the comments, on FB or Twitter!  Even emailing me would be fine!  shealynn AT gmail DOT com

Have a great day!  See you in a bit for tutorial #11!

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