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Tutorial #11 – Camera Accessory Clip


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I’m back!  Granted it’s nowhere near 5pm PST, but hey, sometimes that happens, right?  :)


When I sold camera accessories, I came out with a new concept… at the time anyway.  A pouch that held your little camera accessories.  Camera batteries, lens cap(s), memory cards, etc.  So today I’m going to teach you how to make your very own!

Sewing Machine

Rotary Cutter

Self Healing Mat

7 inch Zipper

2  5″x5″ pieces of fabric (one outside fabric, one liner fabric

2 5″x5″ pieces of fabric (one outside fabric, one liner fabric – cut in half)

1 2″x2″ piece of fabric (I used my liner fabric but you could use the outside fabric – up to you)

A keychain clip.  (got mine in the jewelry department as weird as that sounds)

Sew the zipper on the fabric… I showed how to do this in THIS post.

Take your 3″x3″ piece of fabric, fold it in half, then iron it.  Fold edges in towards the folded seem, iron it.  Fold it in half once more, iron it once more then sew down each side…

Pull your zipper pull to the middle of the zipper.  Then “tack” your zipper by sewing the teeth together about 1 inch away from your fabric.  This keep the zipper from getting all wonky.

Take your piece of fabric, loop it through the keychain hole… then lay the fabric onto the zipper so that the keychain is in the middle of the pouch and the rough edge of your strip of fabric is “hanging” outside of the edge of your square fabric.  I hope this makes sense!  Sew the edge of your fabric down onto the zipper so it won’t move.  This will be cut away, so you won’t see it later.

Now take the 5″x5″ pieces of fabric.  Lay your outside fabric down on top of the outside piece with the zipper (right sides together).  Then lay your lining fabric facing right side up.

Sew around the entire outside.

Trim it up and square the corners!  Then zig zag stitch or serge the edges.  (I didn’t feel like getting my serger out, so I zig and I zagged) ;) You’re almost done!

Now turn this baby inside out!  Make sure and use the end of your scissors or a skewer or something to push the corners out.

Iron it one more time and you’re done!!

Now you have a place to put all of your little camera accessories!  Don’t want to take your camera to the zoo?  Well now you don’t have to!  :)

Easy to make and so useful!  That’s what I love about sewing.  Making something from nothing.  But making something useful?  That’s even better!

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  1. I am definitely going to make one (or several!) of these, Shey! I don’t need one for camera accessories, but I can think of so many other handy uses. ;) Thanks for sharing!!

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