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Tutorial #12 – Redneck Wine Glass! :)




I want to tell my mom Happy Mother’s Day as well.  You guys, this woman is the most amazing woman I’ve ever known, and hearing my dad talk about how much she’s done for him, how much she takes care of him just goes to show how amazing she really is.  My dad has been in and out of the hospital 3 different times, but is cancer free, is alive and has an amazing woman by his side, my mom.  So, mom, you’re amazing!  I am so blessed, lucky and happy that you’re my mom and the grandmother to my girls.  I love you!

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Now it’s tutorial time!

Now I have  a fun tutorial to share with all of you!  A few weeks ago my husband went out of town on business to Tennessee.  Whenever he goes on his trips he always brings something back for the girls and occasionally me.  :)  This time around he brought me a Redneck Wine Glass, which of course I loved immediately.  But as I really looked at it, I knew I could make one myself!  So I did today and now I’m here to share a tutorial with you on how you too can make one.  This is by far the easiest tutorial so far, and you may just get the urge to make an entire set for yourself or for someone as a gift.  :)

Mason/Ball Jar

Candle Stick (I got mine at Wal-Mart)

E-6000 Glue (this glue is no joke!  keep away from children!)

Wine (optional – haha) or water or whatever beverage you’d like.  ;)

Take your mason jar and turn it upside down.

Next take your candle stick holder…

… and line the rim generously with E-6000

Next, take you candle stick holder and carefully press it gently onto the bottom of the mason jar…

Let dry for 24 hours.

Pour yourself a beverage and enjoy!


And that’s all you do!  So easy, but so awesome!  Have fun making one, or 10!  Remember to link me to your finished projects!!

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ALSO!!  Tomorrow is my BIRTHDAY!!!!

I will be having a big giveaway, so make sure you check back sometime tomorrow!!!

And, each of my girls will be doing a tutorial this week to share with you and your kids (if you have them)!

And my husband will have a tutorial up a little later tonight!  :)

I seriously love that my family is wanting to be involved in sharing tutorials on here too!!  How fun!


  1. I’ve seen these around – love ’em! Happy Mother’s Day!

  2. You can use a hole punch and a lot of muscle to make a hole for your drinking straw in the lid and it will travel without spilling!

  3. Does the glue survive the dishwasher? I was thinking of using it to make a cake stand…

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