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Tutorial #13 – Scrap Fabric Garland


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Today is my birthday!!!

And because of that, I will make this tutorial short and sweet.  I NEED to get back to reading THIS book. SO SO SO good!  Enjoying the quiet as my girls are at school and Vlad (my great dane) is asleep.  Sigh.  School gets out next Thursday, so I’m not taking these quiet days for granted ANYMORE!  :)  Tomorrow I will reflect on turning 31 years old, but for now, here’s the tutorial for today.

My oldest daughter turns TEN this Sunday.  Good heavens where does all that time go?  I can not believe I’ll soon have a daughter in the double digits.  Crazy.  Anyway, her birthday party is this Friday evening and it’s a Paris theme.  (she’s SO my girl – haha).  I’m having loads of fun planning it.  We’re doing simple but chic.  And she’s even more awesome because she did not want to do a pink and black Paris party.  She decided to go with blue, white and red… the color of France’s flag!  Woot!  Got to love being different.  So I spent most of Saturday making paper chains for a backdrop and then my ADD (that I don’t really have but believe all crafters have a form of) set in and I decided to work on the scrap fabric garland.  In asking people on Instagram if I should make it  a tutorial, I was met with a resounding YES!  So, here we go.  Best of all… no sewing required, so anyone of you can do this.  I plan on making lots more for my girl’s rooms and for their play/relax room.  Once your kids get to a certain age, it’s no longer a play room.  That makes them feel like babies apparently.  haha!

Strips of fabric – Mine were 2″ wide x 14″ long, but you can make them whatever size you’d like.

Twine – My husband got this for me at Walmart – in the camping section.

Basically what you’re doing here is tying the same type of knot you would on the wreath I shared with you in THIS post.  But you’re just tying it on string instead of wire.

Tips & Tricks–  The trick is NOT to pull the fabric to tightly, otherwise it’ll be hard to slide around to space out, etc. Also, try and keep the twine pulled tight.  I put the spool on the floor and place my foot on it to keep it from unraveling more than I wanted.  That worked just fine.

Keep knotting the fabric onto the twine for as long as you wish.  It’s really up to you to decide how long you want your garland.

When you’ve finished then just knot the end of the twine (leave a small loop for hanging on either end) and you’re finished!

After Angelina’s party I will post pictures of this garland all hung up.  :)

Like I said, you don’t have to just make these for parties!  They’re made of fabric, so they can be made just as decorations for your home!  And they’re really easy to make!  I have a billion yards of fabric so I believe I could make TONS of these!  ;)


Remember to link me to your finished projects!!

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p.s. no giveaway today.  it’ll be next week instead.  and that means it’ll be bigger.  ;)


  1. I made this for my sister-in-law’s baby shower last summer. One thing I love about it is how easy it is to store! You can just ball it up and throw it in a bag or box and don’t have to worry about it getting all messed up.

    My garland was all made with muslin and more spaced out, but I like the denser look of yours. You can see some pictures of mine in this post:

  2. Happy happy birthday!!!!! I hear the more you have the longer you live {wink}

  3. Thanks for this tutorial. I am thinking of trying one for a wedding backdrop. I saw one on Etsy which used curly strips of fabric. Any idea how they created the curly look? Thanks.

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