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Tutorial #14 – Glow In The Dark Firefly Jar


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Hey Sheyb followers!  Mike (Shey’s husband) here!  Since it was Mother’s Day promptly followed by Shey’s Birthday I figured I would do a quick tutorial to give her a break. This is a simple project that you could let you kids do to add to a shelf in their room.

Glow in the Dark Mason Jar

While this tutorial does not cover the electronics you will be able to find that tutorial at Gangplank Labs by the end of the week.

To make this jar you will need some Glow in the Dark Hot Glue and Glow in the Dark Paint.

Glow in the Dark Mason Jar

Fill the lid with paint (using the lid will let it glow as well as give you one less thing to clean up).

Glow in the Dark Mason Jar

Lay the jar on its side

Glow in the Dark Mason Jar

Stick the paint brush in the jar with one hand and with your other hand pull the bristles of the brush back allowing them to “fling” the paint all over the inside of the jar. Roll the jar on its side to make sure you get all of the sides.

Glow in the Dark Mason Jar

Now set the jar to the side to dry for a little while (the lid will take the longest). Once it is dry you can take you Glow in the Dark Hot Glue and dot the outside with it and if you have an electric firefly you can hot glue that to the lid and go hide in a dark closet.

Glow in the Dark Mason Jar

Your mileage will vary with the different paints, the one used in these photos was a more transparent paint and didn’t work as well as hoped. This Rustoleum paint (while more expensive) is significantly better.


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