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Tutorial #16 – Fabric Tape!


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Today I’m sharing a sure fun tutorial.  It’s not only fun, but it’s useful, will make your packages pretty and is a major scrap fabric buster!

Let’s make some fabric tape!   :)

Fabric Scraps (cut the width of your tape – my tape was 1″ wide)

Masking Tape

Wax Paper

Paint Brush

Mod Podge

Pull out your wax paper and lay it on your table.  The length of your wax paper can be as long or short as you want… it all depends on what length you want your tape to be.

Now, take your masking tape and lay it stick it to your wax paper.  From end to end…

Now completely cover the masking tape with mod podge.

Now take your fabric strips and align them on top of your tape, pressing the fabric as you go so it adheres properly to the mod podge covered tape.

Now cover the fabric with mod podge… by cover I mean really cover.  Make sure you have a nice coating on your fabric.

Let the mod podge dry, use scissors and cut the wax paper away around the tape.  Leave the wax paper under the tape!

Once you’re done, roll it up, use a little bit of masking tape to hold it down and you’re done!  Now you can go crazy with it!  :)


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  1. LOVE this! a must try for sure!!!

  2. This is an awesome idea, thanks for sharing!!!! I can’t wait to try it out~

  3. Must make some of this soon! As if I didn’t have enough of a washi tape obsession…now I’ll be obsessed with fabric tape! ;)

  4. this is brilliant. most definitely need to make this. and soon!

  5. Awesome project! This is perfect for wrapping gifts AND using up my giant fabric stash.

  6. i’ve tried this multiple times over the past few years and it NEVER works. the fabric always peels off :( what am i doing wrong?

  7. um omg! I love this!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am so doing it

  8. Wow, I love this idea – but can I ask a question? I’m assuming that the sticky side of the masking tape is what adheres to the waxed paper and later keeps its “stick” by peeling off the waxed paper, right? I obviously get why we’d need to modge podge the fabric onto the tape (then sticking the fabric to it), but what is the reason for putting the modge podge on the fabric also? Am I missing something?

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