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Tutorial #17 – Make Your OWN Ice Cream Cake


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So you’re preparing for a birthday party.  You go to Cold Stone, or the grocery store and check out their ice cream cakes.  They can run you anywhere from $20-$60.  More if you go to a professional bakery.  Sure you can buy them for less than $20 if the cake serves 1.  But today I’m going to share how to make an ice cream cake that costs about $7 and you’ll do it all yourself!  It’s easy, and makes a huge impact on your party goers!  Believe me.

Boxed Cake Mix (or make your own)

Ice Cream (whatever flavor your like)

Whipped Cream (or make your own… like I did)

3 metal cake tins

Set your ice cream out for about an hour or 2.  No more than that or it’ll be too runny.

Line a metal cake tin with parchment paper (make sure there is quite a bit of excess parchment paper hanging over the edges of the cake tin, then squeeze all of the ice cream into the parchment lined cake tin.  Using a spatula or a wooden spoon, smash the ice cream down, making sure you level the ice cream with the top of the cake tin.

Now take the parchment thats hanging over the edges and fold them in to cover the entire top of the ice cream.  Put it in the freezer for several hours or overnight.

Make your cake as directed on the box of the cake mix.  Pour half of the batter one cake tin and the other half in the other cake tin.  Now, Bake it.

Once your cake is finished, let it completely cool.  Using a sharp knife, trim the top of the cake so it’s flat.

Take that layer and lay it on your cake plate.  That’s your bottom layer.  Now take the ice cream out of the freezer and unwrap it and remove it from the cake tin.  The ice cream make look ugly, but I promise you that you won’t be able to see any of it’s ugliness.  ;)

Pick up the block of ice cream with your hands And lay it on top of the bottom layer of cake.  Then trim the other cake so it’s top is flat.  Take that cake layer, flip it over and lay it on top of the ice cream layer.  So the bottom of the top layer of cake should be facing up.  Trim the ice cream layer if you desire to do so…

Put your cake back into the freezer.

Now make your whipped cream or get your store bought whipped cream out.  In all honesty… every single person should know how to make homemade whipped cream.  It’s incredibly easy and so much more delicious than anything you’ll purchase at your store.  Plus there will be no funky crap in your homemade kind.  You’ll know everything that’s put into it.  ;)  When you’re ready to frost the cake, take it back out of the freezer  – – Now frost your cake


Now put candles in your cake, sing happy birthday and make a wish!

Cut into that sucker and listen to all the “oooo’s” and “ahhhh’s”, because it’s so gloriously delicious inside and out!


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