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Tutorial #19 – Satin Gloss Canvas


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I’m behind on tutorials, but I’m about to catch up!  Let’s not delay!

Today’s tutorial is a fun spin off a normal painting.  You need very little supplies to make a fun painting for your wall.

Any size canvas

Paint brush

Martha Stewart’s Satin Paint

Martha Stewart’s High Gloss paint in the same color

Or Martha Stewart’s High Gloss clear paint

Paint your canvas.  All the same color.

Once it’s dry, take your high gloss paint and paint your design.  Or if you’re using the high gloss clear coat paint your pattern with that.  I chose a chevron pattern.  It’s imperfect, but I think that’s what make handmade things charming.  :)

Let it dry and you’re finished!  Hang it on your wall, step back and admire you’re unique Satin Gloss Canvas.  :)

Honestly, I like it better when using the same color for both painting the entire canvas and the pattern.  Try mixing the clear high gloss with a color too!  I’m sure that’d work swimmingly!



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