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Tutorial #22 – How a 5 Year Old Paints A Birdhouse by Zoe


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So, the other weekend everyone decided they wanted to contribute a tutorial to this series.  My husband posted his the other day.  See THIS post if you missed it.  Those are SO fun and my girls love them so much.  They each have one by their bed.  :)

Today I’m sharing my youngest daughter, Zoe’s tutorial with you all.  And PLEASE comment, because she will totally get a kick out of people actually looking at her tutorial.  haha!

Birdhouse (purchased at Joann’s)


Paint Brush

Painting smock

There is no rhyme or reason to this, I promise.  Your kid can just go to town!  ;)

All done!  Apparently she only wanted to use glitter paint.  ;)  haha!

Once it was completely dry, my husband took it out to our porch and put it with our little veggie plants.  :)

Hope you enjoyed this tutorial as much as Zoe loved doing it!  :)


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  1. glitter paint?! LOVE!!! that’s obviously the best choice EVER!!! Seriously, birds like shiny stuff. They’ll love it.
    Fly her out here too with you. We have lots of birds out back… blue jays, cardinals, hawks (though they might need a bigger birdhouse!)… we need some seriously awesome birdhouses here!!!

  2. Way to go Zoe, love the sparkly glitter paint!

  3. I agree. Glitter paint was genius for attracting birds. I am definitely doing birdhouses with my boys this summer. Thanks for sharing!

  4. ADORABLE!!! Those bird houses are so cute! Zoe rocked the glitter paint! Makes me want to go get some…

  5. Love it Zoe. You did great. Hope many birds will call it home. Live you

  6. I love it Zoe! It looks beautiful and I’m sure the birds will love it!

  7. Zoe!!! You are a great painter! I’ve never seen a glitter bird house before, how creative!

  8. Loving the glitter, Zoe! Some sweet birdies will have one, glitzy house!

  9. nice color choices, zoe!

  10. Love it, Zoe!! You did a great job! I love the glitter – bet the sun really makes it sparkle! :)

  11. Got a chuckle when I saw this as I’d recently had our 4 and 8 yr-old granddaughters paint their own birdhouses. How fun! It was great to watch the intensity involved, and the look of pride in their accomplishments was truly priceless–just like your Zoe! Will try to figure out how to send you a pic;-)

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