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Tutorial #3 – Small Clay Doily Bowls


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It’s day threeeeee!!  :)

Have you like these tutorials?  Hoping you are lovelies!

Who has lots of jewelry with no place pretty to put it?  Raise your hand!  How about your mom?  Would she love a new place to put her favorite rings, earrings or necklaces?  Well then, I think you’ll like today’s tutorial!

Get your clay back out, because we’re working with it again today.  :)

Polymer Clay

Rolling Pin

Big Popsicle Sticks

Glass Oven Safe Bowl (such as Pyrex)

Scraper Tool (I use an icing spatula. haha)

A bowl for tracing around your clay… as big or small as you want.

There are no rules with this project.  You can make your bowl as big or as small as you want.  Mine are on the smaller side because I know my mother doesn’t have a ton of rings and I’m sure that’s what these little bowls would be used for.

1.  Roll out your clay to your desired thickness.

2.  Forgive me everyone… I forgot to take a picture of what you need to do next.  Ugh.  Anyway.  Lay your doily on your clay.  You can lay it so it will be off centered when you go to trace around your bowl or you can center it or do whatever you’d like.  :)  Once you’ve placed it where you want it, grab your rolling pin again and carefully roll it over the doily.  Don’t push too hard, but hard enough to leave a decent imprint in your clay.  I rolled over mine about 6 times or so.  Once that’s done, carefully pull the doily off the clay.

3.  Now take the bowl you’ve decided to use and lay it on your clay, take a non serrated knife and trace around the lip of the bowl as shown in picture #4.

5.  Once you’ve got your bowl cut out, gently pull it off your mat with your scraper tool.  Then gently lay it in your oven safe bowl.

6.  Put the bowl on a cookie sheet, place in the oven and bake for as long as the instruction indicate on the back of the clay’s packaging.

7.  Once cooled completely, remove from the bowl.  Notice the lovely bowl shape it now has?  :)

8.  Now, take your bowl and get ready to give it some color!

9.  I used a red color, and I used Sculpey’s Glass Glaze for a top coat to give it a nice shine.

10.  I wanted a more wash look with this bowl, but didn’t water my paint down enough.  In order to get that look you’ll need to add about 2 teaspoons of what to your dollop of paint.

11.  Now paint your bowl.  :)  I just brushed over it lightly making sure to get all the white clay covered.

12.  Now coat the top and underside your bowl with the Sculpey Glass Glaze.  Once it’s completely dry, you are now done!

Give one of these bowls to a mom in your life.  Add a necklace or ring or both with it too!  They’ll love it!  Makes a great birthday or Christmas present too.  ;)



  1. I love the tutorials! Tags and bowls! Love love love!!

  2. Love love love it shay.

  3. This is so brilliant Shey!!! I will have to pick up some clay asap and whip this up!!! Wonderful tutorial!! xo

  4. OMG! I love this!! I want to do it so bad! :D

  5. I LOVE THIS!! What a fun tutorial.

  6. I love this… Where do you get your doilies? I can crochet them but I don’t have small enough doily pattern for this project.

  7. I love this, but would it work with air-drying clay instead of baking it?

  8. What are the popcicle sticks used for?

  9. Nice Job great idea!!

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