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Tutorial #4 – Zipper Pouches & Clutches


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OK.  My collage maker wasn’t working, so this is going to be a long post due to how photo heavy it is!   But I know that you’re going to love this tutorial!  :)
You can never have enough zipper pouches, or clutches, right?  :)  Well… how about I teach you how to make one or 3?  Sweet!  Let’s do this!
Sewing Machine
Thread (Gutermann is what I use)
Fabric (see the measurements in the below picture)
Cut your fabric to whatever dimension you think will work best for you.  I’ve given you some ideas in the below picture.
Cut 2 of the following:
Outer Fabric
Lining Fabric
Universal HEAVY DUTY sewing needles 110/18 (when sewing with zippers I’ve found these needles don’t break like regular sewing needles do.)
Tips & Tricks:  Here’s a secret.  If you are making a bag/clutch/zipper pouch that’s smaller than 12″x8″, use crafting felt as your padding!  It provides just as good of a protection that any other padding for bags does.  No need to spend more.  Felt is $.25 a sheet.
Once you’ve got your fabric and padding cut out, you’re ready to start sewing it together.  :)
Take one of your outside fabrics and lay it facing up.  Lay your zipper facing down.  See the top of the zipper is sitting on top of the fabric.  Basically the zipper is “right sides together” with the outside fabric.  (if this makes no sense to you, please feel free to contact me)
Now, take your lining fabric and lay it face down (right sides together) onto the outer fabric .
Now sew the fabric and zipper “sandwich” together.  Like so…
Time to add to the sandwich.  Add a piece of felt for padding.  Basically I do this because I don’t like to pin things when I sew unless I absolutely must.  So I do it separately.  If you want, you could pin the outer fabric, zipper, lining fabric and padding together and then sew it all together at once.  But, I don’t do that.  Nor do I use a zipper foot, as you have probably noticed.  ;)  Well, sometimes I use one, just not for most of my zipper projects.
Now open it up and iron the fabric and zipper.
Now do it all over again on the other side of the zipper.  See above how the other side of the zipper is lonely with no fabric?  That needs to look like the other side looks.
Once the zipper is all sewn to the fabric, open it up to lay flat and iron it.  Hopefully your ironing board cover isn’t as gross as mine.  Clearly I need a new one!
Once it’s all ironed, you’re ready to sew the pouch together.  MAKE SURE to unzip the zipper so the zipper pull is in the middle of the pouch – see below.
Once again you’ll need to sew RIGHT sides together.  You should see the padding while you’re sewing!  Start sewing the lining side, but leave about 4 inches open at the bottom (you’ll need an opening when you turn the pouch inside out).
When you sew over the zipper, do so carefully.  Sew back and forth over the zipper about 6 times to make sure it’s well sewn and sturdy.
Once your pouch is all sewn together, your pouch should look like this…
Trim all the corners like so…
Now you’re ready to turn your pouch inside out.  Reach your hand inside the little opening hole and grab the other end of the fabric and pull through the hole.
Now it’s inside out!  :)
Now take your fingers, out them inside the hole you left so you could turn the pouch inside out.  This should make the flaps fold down like so…
Now iron it down.
Now sew the entire length of the fabric so you can close up that hole.
Now you’re ready to put the lining inside the zipper pouch.
Once the lining is inside, zip the zipper closed and iron it one last time!  YOU ARE DONE!  How easy was that?!  And with the little amount of fabric used, it only cost about $4 to make!
Now.  If you’re wanting to add a handle to make your pouch a wristlet, all you need to do in addition is this…
Cut an additional piece of fabric 4″ wide x 15″ long.
Iron the fabric, fold it in half, then iron to create a seam down the middle.  Take the outer edges of the fabric, fold them in to meet together on that seam you created in the middle.  Then iron them down.
Now fold it in half again and iron one more time.
Once that’s done, sew either side of your wristlet piece.
Now fold your wristlet piece in half.  (raw edges touching) This will create a loop.
Then slide your wristlet loop inside the side seam of your pouch with the raw edges hanging out…
Once you sew it in the seam (sew over the wristlet handle at least 6 times.  You don’t want the handle pulling out of the seam)  Then trim it off like you would do with the excess zipper pieces hanging out.
Everything else is the same after that.  Once you turn it inside out, your pouch – now wristlet, should look like this…
If you want to make a fold over clutch, just use the measurements from the first picture… 15″ Tall x 12″ Wide. You’ll need bigger pieces of padding for this one, because pre-cut felt doesn’t come this big.  You can buy felt by the yard at Joann’s or you can use quilt batting.  Up to you.
Sew it together like I just showed you.  It’ll be really long, so all you do is fold it… like so… Isn’t that bow cute?  :)
But WAIT!  Do you know what else fits inside the fold over clutch when it’s straightened out?  A 13″ laptop!  Yeah way!  Check it…
And voila!  You now know how to make FOUR different items!  A pouch, a wristlet, a fold over clutch AND a 13″ laptop sleeve!  AWESOME!
Well, I hope you’ve liked this tutorial, which turned into basically 4 tutorials into 1.  HAHA!  All of these items are less than $10 to make.  Seriously!  Have fun!!


  1. This tutorial is so so fabulous. I cannot wait to make a pouch and a cute clutch! Thanks so much for taking the time to share such a clear tutorial with great photos.


    PS- Im not sure if you do linky parties or not, but I have a DIY fashion linky that runs Th-M. If you like that sort of thing, I’d love to have you over to join in!

  2. Great job Shey! They look awesome and the tutorial is perfect! You’ve given me some more ideas for my scraps now!

  3. I wish i knew how to use my sewing machine. maby i will try next week. at least i will have something to sew!!

  4. girl……………I am LOVING this! awesome post. I can’t wait to make some!!!! :-D

  5. Great tutorial and an awesome finish because your tattoo is RAD! :0)

  6. My daugher LOVES animals and so I have been planning to make her bags and coin purses from our Friskies cat food bags for quite a while. With this tutorial I have no reason not to any longer. AND you have helped ease my fear of zippers!

  7. Hello,
    Great tutorial but I was wondering how close to the edge of the fabric do you place the zipper tab??

  8. Hello,

    thank you for this tutorial!!! I’ll try to do this at night!

  9. Hi There … was so excited to try this but now that i have … i’m confused … after your first sandwich where you added the pink … why can i see pink layers on both sides of the zipper before you do the same to the lonely side ? does the second side not have pink padding when sewing to the zipper ? … am i making sense ? who knows … please help if you can … much appreiated …

  10. Jodie

    just do 2 pieces of felt, one of each side.

  11. fab tutorial hunny I now want to go and get my sewing machine out!! Thank you fot the inspiration and the”how-to” xx

  12. Hey, thank you so much for this great tutorial. I went about the sewing a bit differently and added darts on the bottoms to square the pouch off a little, but couldn’t have done it without you! Love it! Going to be making lots more for gifts and such!

  13. Thanks for sharing the tutorial. I was wondering where do you get your fabrics. I love the triangles print. I went to Joann fabrics but not as good a selection I had hoped for. Thank you in advance for your input.

  14. Wonderful tutorial :) Can i sew the zipper manually without using a machine? I dont know sewing :(

  15. Thank You so much!

  16. Fantastic tutorial! I’m making one later this week! But one question, I’m a little confused. Are you sewing the padding to the lining or to the outer fabric? Because it looks like the lining is not actually attached fully to the inside of the clutch. Just not sure how you did that! Thank you!

  17. Fav Tut ever—♡♡♡♡♡ very clear and fun to read!! Thanks for sharing!!!

  18. Thanks for the great tutorial!!! Your dry hands comment made me laugh so hard.

  19. great tutorial. Hope to go shopping for fabrics. Hope mine turns out ok. You make it look so easy.

  20. Just trying this bag – and I love the way it goes together. However, I am having trouble also syncing the pictures with the steps. When you are sewing the bag together all around, it looks like there must be 4 felt pieces. by following the steps of layering, I cannot lay out the bag so that the felt pieces show on both sides. Help?

  21. it’s very great, i like it

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