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Tutorial #5 – SheyB (Inspired) Camera Strap Slipcover!!


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So… today I have something awesome for you!  And your mom’s too if you so choose to give her one for Mother’s Day.  ;)  I’m giving you my secrets for free now.  So you no longer have to spend upwards of $45 for a camera strap slipcover!!!

How about we make a SheyB Camera Strap Slipcover today?  Sound like a good plan?  Yeah?  Good, let’s do this!!  (the pictures are taken from the kit I used to sell.  so disregard when it says “kit”)

2 strips of fabric 28″ long x 3″ wide

1 4″x4″ square of fabric for a lens cap pocket

Padding (use fusible fleece – you can get this at Joann’s)

And of course you’ll need the basics – sewing machine, scissors, iron/ironing board, thread.

Here are a few more camera strap fabric coordination ideas.

A lot of these fabrics are no longer available, but if you needed color combo ideas… here you go.  :)

How seriously easy was that?  And it’s not expensive to make these.  Should cost you no more than 4 bucks!

Enjoy your new SheyB inspired Camera Strap!  :)  Make sure and show me your finished camera strap covers!!


  1. You’re awesome to share. I love the one I made from your pdf last summer!

  2. Seriously? now i really really wish i knew how to sew!!! Can’t you just send me an early birthday gift?! ;-)

  3. This is awesome! Now, I really need to go get that fabric! And learn how to sew, haha!

  4. LOVE LOVE LOVE. Now I must make one which means I must also buy a camera. haha

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  6. Thank you for sharing this awesome tutorial!! I just featured it on my blog, I hope it’s ok :) If you would like to ckeck it out, here is the link


  7. I haven’t sewn in years! This will be a great project to start out with and get warmed up. Thank you for sharing. I have followed your blog for at least 2 years now. I absolutely LOVE it! Ü

  8. Thank you for this amazing tutorial! I’ve been wanting to cover mine like yesterday, so this is a huge motivator! Thanks!

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