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Tutorial #6 – Front Door Wreath Alternative


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I’m pretty picky when it comes to hanging things on my front door.  More specifically wreaths.  I like to have something on my front door that sort of expresses the people behind that door.  And since my husband really doesn’t care what I put on our door – as long as it’s appropriate and not overly frilly girly (which, since I’m really not girly, he has nothing to worry about) then I can pretty much put whatever on our door.  I think this door wreath alternative I’m getting ready to share with you is perfect.  There’s really no frills to it, there’s nothing about it that’s really girly.  It’s simple and makes a statement.  Perfect!

This week I have 2 door decorations for you, this is one of them.  I suggest making 2.  One for you and one for your mother, because I think your mom would love this.   So, let’s get started…

Large letter template.  I used my Silhouette for this.

The largest wooden embroidery hoop you can find.  (I got mine at Hobby Lobby)

Muslin (about a 20″x20″ piece.  So just get a yard of it)

Spray Paint – Use primer and whatever color you want your hoop to be… or you can leave it natural.

Hot Glue Gun

I used Krylon’s Dual Paint + Primer, because that’s what I had on hand.  But you can use just primer.

Lay out your painting tarp and take apart your embroidery hoop.

Make sure and take the hardware completely off the hoop unless you want it to be the same color as you’re painting your hoop.

Now prime your hoop.  Mine dried almost instantly because it’s so hot here.

Once the primer dries, spray paint your hoop whatever color you’ve decided on.  You actually do not have to spray paint the inner hoop, because you’re not even going to see it.  I realized that after I did it. LOL!  Ooopsie.

Even though that dried within 30 seconds I left it outside while I went upstairs to my Silhouette.

I picked a font I liked and made it as gigantic as I could.  I know with a Silhouette Cameo it’d have been able to be much bigger.  Dang I really want one of those!  Imagine the projects I could share with you all on that thing!  Big projects, which seems like what I always need my Silhouette for.  ;)

Tips & Tricks:  Here’s a tip for those of you that have a Silhouette.  I never use the Vinyl for anything other than what’s it’s intended for.  Because that is a waste.  So I was at Joann’s once and saw a gigantic pad of adhesive backed scrapbook paper.  Perfect use for the Silhouette!  If you have a Silhouette SD, you’d have to trim the paper a bit since it’s too wide to fit into the Silhouette, but the 24″ length is perfect.

Anyway.  Have the Silhouette cut out your letter.  Mine is B for our last name, Benner.  :)

Once that’s done, cut the paper so your letter is now in a square.  You don’t need the entire 24″ of paper to go outside with you.

Now peel the B off and set that aside for another project.  You can put it back on the waxy paper.  Peel the negative part of your letter off and place it on your muslin like so…

It was kinda breezy yesterday which was irritating me, because things were blowing everywhere, so I took some scrapbook paper and layer it around my letter to keep from getting spray paint anywhere else on my muslin.  Make sure you cover all the muslin except your letter.  Just trust me.  I didn’t and I was pissed at myself.  LOL!  I’ll show you why in a sec.

Once that’s all in place, saturate your letter with spray paint.  I chose navy to match the hoop.  I’m actually thinking about repainting my hoop turquoise but I haven’t decided yet.  Also because I completely forgot that my front door is also navy blue.  The hoop totally blends in.

Let that dry for about an hour.  It took like 10 minutes here because it was over 100 degrees outside.  (yuck!)  But most of you live somewhere that’s has a reasonable temperature this time of year, so it’ll take longer.

Once it’s dry, peel off the sticker paper and voila.  Now it’s time to assemble.

Lay the fabric right side up over the inner loop.  Then take the outer loop and lay it on top of that.  Get your hoop hardware and put that back together.  Tighten your hoop up tight.  Pulling on the muslin so it’s tightly held by the loop.  Kinda like a drum.  If that makes sense.

Now, trim the excess muslin… leave about 2 inches of excess but no more than that.

Now take your hot glue gun and glue down the excess muslin around the inside of the inner hoop.

Once you’re done, it should look like this..

Flip it over.  You can either leave it like this or…

Or you can add to it.  Originally I was going to just leave it like this, but since I am a moron and didn’t cover up the muslin enough, there is a spray paint line.  Awesome.  So I decided to add some ruffles to mine to cover up that hideous line of unwanted spray paint.

Boy am I glad I did!  It looks so awesome with the ruffles, don’t you think?  Do you all know how to make ruffles, or should I make that a tutorial this month?

Now that you’re done, hang it up on your door, step back and enjoy your new door decoration!

If you make one of these or more, please link them in the comments!  I’d love to see your spin on this fun project!

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I also realized that I haven’t shared any random facts as I stated I would in each tutorial post.  So I decided to save those 31 facts about myself for my actual 31st birthday post on May 14th.  :)  Watch for that.

I really hope you’re enjoying these tutorials so far.  If you are, leave me a comment and let me know.  If you are wanting to learn something that I haven’t “tutorialized” yet, let me know.  I have a lot coming up but still don’t have 31 compiled in my list yet.  Ideas are always welcome!  :)  I know I’m having a ton of fun doing all of these projects!  Banging things off my to make list like crazy!  :)

Happy Sunday!


  1. AWESOME! Thanks for this. BTW I am waiting till I can afford it but your candles rock. I am busy collecting jars for that tutorial though.

  2. OMG how fun! I must make it!

  3. I love the tip about the adhesive backed cardstock, brilliant! Do you still use a mat with it then? I’ve got to see if I can find some.

  4. A color or small print fabric would be adorable. Something to coordinate with the color of your door and the color(s) used for the hoop and letter. There are also so many choices for embellishments!

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