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Tutorial #7 – Spray Painted Doily Canvas



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Today I have a really simple tutorial for you.  While it’s simple it does have a huge impact, I think.  It always amazes me how awesome it looks when it’s finished, and how easy it was to accomplish!  If you like doilies, you’ll love this.  Let’s get started.

Canvas (any size)

Doilies (at least 2 for small canvases – for bigger canvases at least 4)

Spray Paint (whatever color you want.  I always use Krylon spray paint)

That’s all you need!  :)

Excuse my doilies pictured below.  They are well used and loved.  :)

I used an 8″ x 10″ canvas for this tutorial, but I’ve made these big too.  My largest is 16″ x 20″.

Lay your canvas on your painting drop cloth.  Arrange your doilies how you’d like them.

Tips & Tricks: Use spray adhesive to hold the doilies on the canvas if you’re afraid they won’t stay in place.

Once your doilies are in place, grab your spray paint and spray away!  Make sure and give that canvas a really good coating!

Now wait about 10 seconds, because that’s probably all you’re going to be able to wait if you’re as impatient as me.  LOL!

CAREFULLY pull off the doilies… and VOILA!  You have an awesome piece of art.  Easiest tutorial thus far I think.  Huge impact?  YOU BET!

I’ve made several of these.  I have 2 others in my bathroom in different colors.  So far, Navy Blue is my favorite.

I also have one in lime green.  I think these 2 make a great combination!

What color are you thinking about using?

And what did I tell you?  Easy or what?  I used Krylon Spray Paint on all the paintings above.  Like I said, I love Krylon.

If you make one, please link me!  I want to see it for sure!!

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Have a great Monday!


  1. This is such a cool idea!

  2. Very cool. If I had girls this would be great art for their room!

  3. Do you mind if I ask where you got your doilies? I’m having a hard time finding them.

  4. Awesome idea. I just finished making one today. I used wood instead of canvas because I already had some laying around.

  5. I love this idea. I’ve done it with leaves before. Thanks for refreshing my memory tho.

  6. Such a great idea!! I have so many paper doilies! I thought of doing blue and white before I saw your blue and white one. Maybe a royal blue…if spray paint is sold in that color.

  7. would love to use this idea for greeting cards, but suppose the paint would warp the paper. Any ideas?

    • I’ve made them on paper cards for Christmas one year using inexpensive paper doilies and blank cards I purchased. Works wonderfully… Obviously they don’t need the saturation of canvas. beautiful translation to art. Thanks for the tutorial.

  8. what a great idea. Thanks for sharing.

  9. The house we’re buying has a huge wall in the kitchen that I’ve been trying to figure out what to do with…and I have pretty much no budget! This is exactly what I’ve been looking for! Thank you!

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  11. Sooo cute and easy!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. So cool, i have som wodden dinningchairs i think i will do it on!

  13. I am so excited. I am keeping my grandson who is 2 tomorrow for the first time since he moved out of my house. I have been looking for a craft that would be something that could be displayed in his new home. This is perfect!! I will have him pick the color and place the doilies and voila a present for Mommy. I will post on my blog and link you. Thanks

  14. I did something similar for a wall border. I used a piece of lace curtain 10-12 inches wide and 2 or 3 feet long. I used a spray adhesive to hold the lace on the wall while I sprayed. Then, I flipped the lace around and placed it above the previous placing so the top and bottom would both have the same edging. This I continued around the room.

  15. This is SUCH a cute idea and I will definitely be doing this. Two questions, if I find a canvas that has something on it already, do you think the spray paint will cover it? Also, are the doilies fabric or those paper ones? Any preference?

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  17. I have a plastic patio table and i used your idea on it.. Fantastic….. thank you for the idea.

  18. I love the grey and mustard ones :) What an ingenious idea, so fast and so fabulous! :) Thanks for sharing!

  19. Love this idea!! Are these paper doilies or fabric doilies?

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  21. I was wondering where you got the doilies? I’ve been searching hobbylobby/walmart/micheals and I can’t find them!! :/
    btw your artwork looks fantastic!!

  22. Love the idea but having difficult finding the doiles. Where did you get these particular ones?

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  24. I love these, especially the lime green one. Can you tell me the exact color you used? I’m having a hard time finding the right color. Thank you! =)

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  26. OMG!! I am definally going to do this it’s beautiful!! Thank you

  27. I love this idea and can’t wait to try this in my youngest daughters bedroom. Can you use paper doilies??

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  29. I just wanted to say thank you for this easy project idea! I used a 24×48 canvas, a bunch of thrift store doilies and a whole can of Krylon spray paint in Catalina Mist and it turned out beautifully! I’ve had a lot of “pinfails” but this is definitely a winner. Thank you again!

  30. I’d like to go for a 2 color look… So, I’m thinking that I could totally spray the canvas color #1. Allow it to completely dry. Then, lay the doilies and spray color #2. So, instead of white showing through, color #1 is showing through. Any reason why this would/wouldn’t work?? :) Thanks so much!

  31. Now that’s a fantastic idea, the patterns that leaves behind is so nice! I will defiantly try and do this. I question is if I got some old piece of wood I can try this on. Thanks a lot for this fantastic inspiration!

  32. I love these so much! I can’t wait to make them for my dorm room.

  33. New to the site, love that idea, I will try that. Thanks.

  34. Love the whole project and have bought the supplies to do it. My question before I start is how did you deal with the side of the canvas. Are these sprayed as well?
    Thanks for the tutorial!

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  36. Hi,

    I really like this idea. Are you sure that I can use Krylon spray paint on Canvas? The reason I am asking because I asked the same question to a girl who is working in michaels store and she said I can’t use krylon spray paint on canvas. Can you please guide me..Thanks in advance.

  37. cute idea! you might consider a not-white background. imagine if you painted the canvas first with a fade of several colors and spray painted white over the doilies? it could be really special. or overlap doilies, spray one color, remove some, spray again. not *sure* how that would look, but worth trying on some cardboard first to see.;)
    also, maybe lace or crochet trimming for lines.

    thanks for a jumping off point!

    • I like the white background. I didn’t like the way 2 colors looked. To me it looked weird. I’ve done lace before but I like doilies best. Have fun with your project!

  38. I see them as snowflakes…I’ll do red to go with my Christmas decor!

  39. Awesome idea I have a lot of them but didn’t know what to do with all of them. This is a great way to display them. My idea is to sign under each one who made it and year.

  40. Can’t wait to try this…so clever!!

  41. Now that’s a nice idea! Never thought of this before. Thanks!

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  43. How do you do the second color?

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  46. This is a great idea, I use for sinage decoration as well, I use the “paper” doilies, much cheaper and I don’t ruin perfectly good decorations dollies.

  47. Love this. Can’t wait to try it!!!

  48. Hi, love this craft…how do you wash the doilies after you use them or do you just dry the paint out and let it build up on the doily?

  49. Hi, I love this craft, How do you handle the doily, once it has been used…how do you wash it…or do you just let the paint build up on the doilies? thank you so much.

  50. I love these! Do you think this technique would work on large pavers? I have some that are 12x 12 and I have been looking for stencils but I really like this look.

  51. I’ve been spray painting doilies on solid color gift bags. Easy and the recipient can reuse them.

  52. I love this idea. How do you clean the doilie? or is it permanent? Thanks for responding to my email. I guess I could also use paper ones if I didn’t want to ruin my doilies.

  53. I just made two with yellow and gray. I used the spray paint on two canvases. I , messed up on one…do you think once it’s dry I can spray paint it and start over?

  54. I love this! Definitely going to incorporate this into my latest home redecoration project!

  55. easiest tutorial, indeed! i’m thinking leaves, stencils, multicolored,…… oh, the possibilities!
    thanks for sharing :)

  56. This is an adorable idea! So clever, and easy for someone like me who is creatively challenged to actually do. I always see such nice things on Pinterest and they never turn out as good but I think I could actually do this one. I’m thinking of going with a neon colored background since my room has a vintage 80’s vibe. I think the bright fuchsia one from JAM Paper . What do you think too much and what color sprat paint would match it??

  57. I love these. Simple and very pretty. I think even I can do it!

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  59. Did you say you can also do this on clothes? Would you still use the same paint and how does it wash?

    • Hey Kathy, Sure! You could definitely do this on clothing. But you’d need to use fabric paint. I know that Michael’s and Joann’s have fabric spray paint too. Have fun!!

  60. Would this work on mailing envelopes as well???

  61. This is such a cute idea! So simple, I love it!

  62. I love this! Have you ever tried a color under the doily?
    Like two tones?

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  64. Curious about type of paint should be used. Flat or satin?

  65. Thanks for the idea. How do I send you the pics

  66. Wonderful idea, thank you!

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  68. Wow, this is a cool idea. But i have a question.
    How can i remove the paint from doily?

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  70. If you spray paint canvas one color, how does the second color you paint the doilies, not get all over the canvas???

    • I always just spray paint the canvas once. But if you want to do 2 colors, it still wouldn’t matter because you’re only spray painting over the doilies once.

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  72. what a great idea

  73. Thank you! I am going to try this on wood with different colors of stain.

  74. How did you get the paint around the canvas with out a mess? Want to do for my mom and mother in as for Christmas!!

  75. I love this idea-as soon as I figure out what my new color will be in my bedroom I am doing these! Thanks for sharing.

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  77. I just did 2 small ones 1 in sliver and 1 in gold I’m going to give them for a wedding gift

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