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Tutorial #9 – Ruffly Door Wreath


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Hey everyone!  First I wanted to thank all of you that have stopped by each day to check out the new tutorials I’ve been posting!  I also wanted to thank all of you that have pinned these tutorials, blogged about them, as well as tweeted and facebooked about them too!  It means the world to me that you’re liking these, honestly!! I hope you all will like today’s tutorial as well!  It’s another decoration for your front door!  :)  Like I said before, I’m really picky about what sorts of decorations go on my front door.  THIS one is the one I chose, because it’s my favorite, but I also loved how today’s wreath came out!  I ended up sending the yellow Ruffly Wreath to my mom and she loved it.  :)  So, let’s get started!

Rotary Cutter (you definitely do not want to use scissors, for your hand’s sake)


Self Healing Cutting Mat

Wire Wreath Form

3-5 yards of fabric (smaller wreath form, 3 yards.  Bigger wreath form, 5 yards)

Below is a picture of the 2 different sizes.  The white one was made using the smaller form and the yellow one I made for my mom is made with the larger form.

Cut your fabric into 2″ wide x 9″ long strips

I have no idea what this type of knot is called, but I tried to take clear pictures.  First you fold every strip in half.  Then, you do this knot all the way around your wreath form on all 4 layers of the wreath.  Does that make sense?  Here, let me show you…

Did that make sense?

Like I said, do it all the way around the wreath on each layer of the wreath form…

The back will look like this…

Once you’ve knotted all your strips to your wreath form, you’re done!  Hang it on your door!  :)  So pretty!

Here’s the one I made for my mom…

Sorry it took so long to get this post up!  Tons of hosting and wordpress problems yesterday.

If you make this wreath, link me up so I can see your pretty masterpiece!!

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  1. This is one I think I could actually make :) So cute!

  2. I LOVE THIS!!! I want one for my house… maybe the back patio… hmmmm

  3. i absolutely love this!
    im curious as to what type of material you used?

  4. I got mine made and made it with red, white, and blue!

  5. Hi Shey,found your blog when I was googling for some painting, awesome blog. Can you please help me with a doubt I have got,
    Where can I find canvas cloth? I want to paint oil paintings on it? As using canvas boards for practicing is tough, so I am looking for cloth. Please tell me

  6. I’ve been doing this for a little over a year with tulle, and they always come out great!

  7. Simple and soft. I love the texture of fabric.

  8. Beautiful love it. Thanks.

  9. The knot that you made the white and yellow wreath with is called a slip knot.

  10. can someone please tell me what type of fabric this is?

  11. A loop knot it’s called. Nice and simple!

  12. Thank you for sharing.very good instructions

  13. Thanks so much for sharing! Love it!

  14. How long are the actual Strips you knotted? I see that there’s 2″ x 9″ above but those don’t look 9″ long.

    • That’s what I was thinking at first but then I remembered she folded each strip in half, so it’s 4.5″, then made the knot.

  15. I made this wreath it is very easy and gorgeous. I want to make a small one with recycled denim jeans.

  16. its called a slip knot :)
    SUPER cute :)

  17. I am so going to do this!

  18. Wow super excited. I never try crafts they look too hard.. This was explained very well and looks like I can do this!!! Thank you so much ..

  19. Wondering f there is anything I can do about the fraying. I used a Muslin for one and it’s shedding quite a lot!

  20. I love this! Just wondering if you know the size for the smaller white one? 12″? 16″? I can’t wait to try it!

  21. What size is the large wreath? How much fabric do I need for an 18″ wreath?


  22. How much would I need for a 18″ wreath

  23. Made my own from your instructions..chk it out on my board!

  24. Love these, so cute! Where do I find these wire wreaths?

  25. My husband says that’s a double half hitch knot.

  26. Thanks. Making a wreath for use on delivery room door! You have helped me more than you know. God Bless and thanks again.

  27. Something I think I can do

  28. Hi, I’m making a small wreath with the colors of Dark purple and light purple, I’m half way through it, and I don’t think I like the colors now. : (

  29. I love your tutorial:) you made it so easy to see how you made your wreath that I know I can make one too. Thank you:)

  30. I love this idea for a wreath. Depending on the fabric used. This could be very inexpensive to make. Thanks for sharing your thoughts on this.

  31. Thank you for your instructions! Just finished my 4th of July wreath!

  32. Love how simple and lovely this wreath is. The name of the knot is a “larkshead” knot and is used for lots of crafty projects because it’s so simple to do.

  33. very cute wish I could post a photo, I used two years of Christmas project scraps so not all of the pieces are exactly perfect, I ripped as much as I could instead of cutting to get the ragging started

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  35. Love the white ruffle wreath. Your tutorial was great showing how to make the knot!! I will definitely be making one of these !!

  36. These are easy this way, I don’t know how to post pics. I made one, love it!!

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  38. Thanks for the lesson, it was very clear!!
    Thanks so much

  39. The knot is a lark’s head.

    A slip knot is similar but would have the rest of the rope still attached and would not have the wire that it goes around.

    The double half hitch is two loops running down the rope.

  40. It’s called a slip knot,very pretty I’m going to make one

  41. clear, simple, outrageously useful tutorial. thanks, so much!

  42. I meant joanns

  43. What a beautiful wreath! I love it!

  44. Did this with mixed fabric on a heart wire wreath for Valentine’ came out gret!

  45. I love your tutorial & pictures. You make it look so easy. Thanks for sharing!

  46. Can I use burlap

  47. This is so pretty. Thanks. The know is called a slip knot and very easy. I have been looking for a pretty pattern like this.

  48. I am so glad I found your blog! I have been searching and searching for instructions that included what size to cut the material. I am going to make a Blue Line heart Wreath. 2 of my boys are police officers. Thank you again for posting!!

  49. This is gorgeous and easy! I like easy! I have the perfect material in mind!!

  50. Hello, thank you so much for this idea and these instructions are very helpful! I worked on mine in the car for hours on a long trip. It kept me busy as my guy says haha. But it does have frayed edges and made a mess. I wish i knew how to post a picture. Is there something I did wrong or do you think it was just the type of material I used?

  51. I’m going to do this. Thank you!

  52. I love love love these wreaths. You are so talented.

  53. You probably know this by now, but I seem to recall from the 1970s macrame craze that is a lark’s head knot. I love the wreath. It seems very easy to do. I’m obsessed with making them.

  54. Thank you for your easy tutorial. I cut 200 fabric swatches, but it was worth it! The total price I paid was $6! The wreath form was $4 and burlap bow was $2. I had fabric in my craft room waiting to be used!

  55. I love this, and there are so many ways ,or colors to use… I know i can make this, thanks for sharing, easy peasy.
    Love you,

  56. Very pretty! Looks like a simple but striking wreath!! Those knots are so easy too!

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  58. Thank you for sharing, great instructions.

  59. Overhand knot. Former Scout leader. Lol
    I’m loving this simple, beautiful project. I’m getting great ideas from the others. Super awesome!! ❤❤❤❤

  60. We used to make these out of plastic garbage bags. They have them in all colors. They can be made for all holiday occasions.

  61. Pretty sure that’s a slip knot… I think I may do this easy wreath for my wedding!!

  62. Love your wreath. Will be trying it. What size are the wire wreaths?

  63. Great instruction and I love the wreaths

  64. Red, White and Blue is what I was thinking too. I bet that will be cute.

  65. The knot is also called a “Larkshead”. The wreath is beautiful.

  66. Your pictures are great! Thank you.

  67. Love the end result!!! So pretty and looks doable. Thanks for this great and different wreath for the front door or anywhere in the house.

  68. I bet you could use all different kinds materials to make this!! I’m thinking something weatherproof for outside!! I made an American Flag wreath from bandana’s and it turned out great!!

  69. I collect sugar skulls so I got this really cute fabric with sugar skull on it n mixed in color fabric I also made a sugar skull to go in the middle ….love it my first wreath I ever made using layers

  70. Excellent pictures and directions! ?
    You made everything crystal clear!

  71. Amazing crafts you have created AND great instructions!!

  72. I made these wreaths about 45 years ago, but we used grocery store plastic bags and when it was done, spray painted it silver and put a bow on it. Very pretty and lasted for quite a few years.

  73. Love this, can’t wait to try it.

  74. I remember making those in grade school that we use tissue paper in a clothes hanger but it’s on the same premises and that’s been a very long time ago

  75. Thank you for this!

  76. This wreath with jeans is cute, add a bandana for a bow and it’s perfect.

  77. This knot is called a larks head knot. Google it ?
    I like that the wreath is made of fabric, which would be great for scraps.

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