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Plant Based Lasagna


Hey everyone!  I’m here to share a recipe with you!  I meant to share this on Saturday, but was running errands and just have been super tired!  Wonder why.  ;)

So this recipe originally came from THIS cookbook, but I changed it up a little bit.  For next time, I would really change it.  For instance… I’d take out the sweet potato.  It made the lasagna have an odd sweetness that I was just not diggin’.  Maybe add eggplant instead of sweet potatoes.  If you want to go real starchy, add regular mashed potatoes.  That’d probably be pretty good.  :)  Forgive my pictures! It’s hard getting good non orange shots when the sun has gone down.  ;)



(if you can’t find all organic, no worries!)

1 organic yellow onion chopped

8 cloves of organic garlic chopped

1 package of organic mushrooms sliced

1 head of organic broccoli chopped

2 organic carrots chopped

1 red & 1 yellow organic bell pepper chopped

1 package frozen organic corn (I’m leaving corn out next time)

1 package of organic firm tofu

1 tsp cayenne pepper

1 tsp oregano

1tsp basil

1 tsp rosemary

1 jar of Organicville Marinara sauce (use more if you desire.  I will next time)

1 box WHOLE grain lasagna noodles

16 oz package of organic frozen spinach

2 organic sweet potatoes (if you wish.  or eggplant or yellow/red mashed potatoes SKIN ON) microwave until mashable.

6 organic roma tomatoes

1 cup raw cashews

Preheat oven to 400 degrees.

Sauté all of the vegetables (except spinach) together or do it separately if they all don’t fit in a pan.  If you’re doing them separately, make sure and set them aside until all the veggies are cooked.  Crumble tofu into the veggie mixture and stir and mix up well.  Tofu has no flavor, it soaks up whatever flavors it “parties” with.  My 5 year old daughter loves tofu after eating it in this dish.  :)

Set out spinach to thaw.  Pour enough pasta sauce in the bottom of a baking dish so the bottom is covered.  Line the bottom with your lasagna noodles then cover with a little more pasta sauce, which helps the noodles cook in the oven. Now take your cooked veggies and spread them over the sauce covered noodles.  You will likely have left overs.  I froze mine.  Put more noodles on top of the veggies then cover those with about a cup or so of sauce.  Now add the frozen spinach on top.  Make sure you take the spinach out of the bag and drain it of all water by squeezing it/wringing it out over the sing in a colander.  Once the spinach is layered on top of the noodles, spread your mashed sweet potatoes (or layer with eggplant or regular mashed potatoes) over the spinach.

Then layer one more time with lasagna noodles and sauce.  Take your cut up roma tomatoes and arrange them on top of the lasagna.  Take your whole cashews, put them into the food processor and process just until they’re a fine powder.  I made the mistake of mixing mine too much… that’s why they look kind of like a ton of balls stuck together.  :)  They were good no matter the way they looked.  :) Now sprinkle the ground cashews on top of your lasagna.

Cover your dish with foil.  Bake for 30 minutes.  Then uncover and bake for 15 minutes.

Cut it up and you’re done!  Eat it and enjoy!  :)


  1. Hey there! This sounds delicious!! Also, if u wanted to do zucchini or summer squash in place of the potatoes! U could also use them in place of the noodles if u wanted all veggie- no carbs!! I’m looking forward to trying these yummy recipes!!

  2. Thanks for posting this…I was hoping you would!! The pics you had posted on instagram looked a-ma-zing!! I’m not convinced on the tofu..though I have never tried it…it seems like such an odd food!! Can’t wait to see what other recipes you share!! Ps..have you found any other cookbooks worthy of mention?? Think you are doing an awesome job at sharing your progress of eating whole and organic foods!! You’ve inspired me to try again!! :)

  3. Can I omit cashews or use almonds instead? My son is allergic to cashews.

  4. Sounds delicious!! I wonder if you could use nutritional yeast instead of the cashews. I’ve read that it adds a cheese-like flavor. We’re on the Prevent & Reverse Heart Disease plan and can’t have nuts, so I may give the nutritional yeast a try!

  5. Hey! This looks delicious, I wanted to make this for my family. (I’m trying to get them to eat a little bit more plant based foods) I wanted to know if this will feed a family of four or should I make a bit more?

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