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Tutorial #24 – Washi Tape Journal (Guest post by Stephanie of Sand And Starfish)


Since my energy has gone down the tubes for the most part, my very good friend Stephanie offered to write up a tutorial for me!  Isn’t she the best?  I will finish all of these tutorials… all 31 of them before the summer is over… before the month is over really.  I only have 7 more!  But I just don’t currently have the energy to do too many right this minute.  So… without further ado…

The washi tape craze has hit the Sand & Starfish house. Instead of magnets, I use washi tape to hang pictures on the fridge. When wrapping packages for my shop, I use it to add special touches here and there. I have several vases around the house that have a nice washi wrap around them. Inside my inspiration notebook, it’s on almost every page! I love this stuff.

You know what else I like? Lists. Grocery lists. Shop lists. Cleaning lists.

So I combined the two to make some very fun notebooks to help me keep track of my lists. Seriously, these make my heart smile!


All you need is washi tape, and notebooks. You can trim the edges or you can wrap them under. You can overlap the tapes or you can keep the edges nice and straight. There are no rules!

Haven’t jumped on the washi tape bandwagon yet but want too? A great place to start for cheap is Target. They currently carry 4 different sets of 4 rolls each for only $4. $4!!! Otherwise there are some really good stores online that carry them too… Kawaii Goodies, Pretty Tape, in the clear… So have fun! Make something! And remember, it’s reusable so if you don’t like what you did, just peel it off and start over :)

I love how they turned out Steph!!  Another great place to buy Washi tape is Happy Tape on Big Cartel.  I purchased from them about a year ago and loved the quality of the tape I received!


If you have any questions at all, please feel free to leave a comment or contact me via email: shealynn AT gmail DOT com.

Remember to link me to your finished projects or if you make the recipes on here, please share a picture!!

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Don’t forget!  This is starting THIS Friday!!  I’m so excited!  I hope you are too!!!


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