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What’s In My Grocery Cart? #1


Welcome to the very first What’s In My Grocery Cart? !!!  I’m so glad you’re all here with me!

So I gave you a bit of an overview of Plant Based and why I eat what I eat yesterday in THIS post.

Today I will be sharing what was in my grocery cart, the total of my grocery bill, a breakdown of how much I spend per person per day on food, what you can expect when shopping healthy + more!  So let’s get started!

First thing I want to say is this.  Your grocery bill will go up.  This way of shopping is not cheap, but it beats eating the processed junk out there.  Frozen lasagna, cheetos, High Fructose Corn Syrup is in so many things!  You’d be surprised.

Grocery shopping will take you longer!  You need to be a ninja when it comes to reading labels.  But after a few times, you’ll start knowing what you need and it becomes easier and faster.

Before everything let me show you how I break down my grocery shopping.  Because you may think $400 a month or $1000 a month in groceries is expensive, but in my honest opinion, if you shop mostly organic, buy VERY minimally processed snacks (as I show below), you support local at your farmer’s market, etc., then shopping for a family of 4 (or more) should not cost you less than $600 a month unless you’re growing your own fruits and veggies.  My husband will tell you that our food shopping bills have increased 3 fold since I changed the way we eat.  And I’m ok with that.  Because I would rather spend more money on healthy food for me and my family than buy clothes or shoes or stuff I don’t need.  We all need food, why do we all decide everything else is more important?

Anyway… here is how I broke it down for everyone on Instagram the other day…


Not that bad.  And my family is getting very well balanced meals for that price.  And I’m buying the higher end products because they’re healthier, have no pesticides and the ingredients lists are short and my 5 year old can pronounce them.

Here’s a random example for a family slightly (until January :D) bigger than mine.  Let’s say you have a family of 5 and your grocery bill is $300 a month.

The cost of weekly groceries is $69.77

That means per person per day that’s $1.99

For 4 people in a family that’d be $2.49 per person per day.


Each week I’ll be going grocery shopping.  And I try to go Farmer’s Market shopping as well.  I love supporting local!  So each week I’ll be showing you what is in my grocery cart and if I go to the Farmer’s Market, what’s in my canvas bags.  ;)  I literally take pictures as I go.  People seem not to notice… if they do, I don’t care or notice.  haha.  Let’s see what’s in my grocery cart this week.  (Stephanie will join us next week.  Her computer ate her pictures.)

This is where I shop most of the time…

Let’s talk grocery store rules real quick… here are a few from Food Rules by Michael Pollan (excellent little guide, I highly recommend it):

Now let’s talk eggs real quick.  I buy Organic eggs from chickens that are vegetarian fed and that are free range.  Free range doesn’t always mean what it says that.  So be careful, because labels can mislead you.  The eggs I buy actually tell you all about the farm on the inside of the carton and they provide a website where you can see photographs of the farm where they raise their chickens.

Grass fed beef doesn’t always mean the cows are completely grass fed either.  A lot of times cows are fed grass until 3 months before their slaughter date.  The last 3 months of their existence they’re only fed corn.  And the same goes for cows that goes for chickens when it comes to “free range”.  All these farms have to do is leave a door open for the animals to have access to a grass field.

OK.  Here is everything I got at Sprouts.  My total bill was $203.

Here’s some closer pictures… most of the snacks are for my kids.  The Barbara’s cereal is for my kids as well… these cereals have sugar in them.  But they have REAL sugar, not HFCS or other fake sugars.  My kids eat cereal a couple times a week because we have other healthier options.  But my kids are like their mom, they love cereal.  So they have healthier options than Trix, Cocoa Puffs, etc.

My girls LOVE Wallaby organic yogurt, and I love that their yogurt is not only delicious, but it’s good for them.

When I buy pasta, it’s WHOLE wheat pasta only.  The first ingredient needs to say WHOLE wheat or I won’t buy it.

I never add sugar to anything that I eat.  If it needs to be sweetened, I use honey or agave nectar only!

My husband  love rice milk, I prefer almond milk.

You can see my cereals in the picture below.. Uncle Sam and Toasted Wheat-Fuls.  Those have 0 sugar.  Just cut up some bananas and/or other fruit and your fruit is now sweetened naturally and healthily.  :)

Beans.  I buy a lot of beans!  Because I generally do not eat meat, beans are an excellent substitute as is quinoa.

I do have some tofu in here.  I don’t eat a lot of soy though.  New research shows that soy may cause breast cancer in woman.  Not willing to take the chance!

I do eat some cheese.  But not much.  And I just tasted some mozzarella cheese I cut up for my girls today and it tasted gross to me.  It could be because I’m pregnant, or it could be because I seriously rarely ever eat cheese.  My girls loved it though.  :)  (this biggest white block in the front is tofu)

Frozen veggies I buy are normally organic unless I can’t find them in organic.

Pictured below is shredded unsweetened coconut.

Organic milk… for my kids.

Bolthouse juice.  SO delicious!!

I love this organic pasta sauce by Organicville. Yum!

More beans, and some nutritional yeast, which tastes like cheese and is not only good for you but delicious.  :)

And Gingerberry Synergy Kambutcha.  SO GOOD!  :)  I’d love to have one now, but I’m unsure if I can drink it while pregnant.  I have to find this out!

I didn’t tell you everything that I bought, but if you look close enough you can see everything.  If you’re wondering what anything is, just ask.  :)

You may have also noticed that there really weren’t that many veggies or fruits on my counter.  True.  After I went to Sprouts and put all these groceries away, I went to the Superstition Farm Farmer’s Market to get the fruits and veggies I needed for the recipes I was making.  I love Superstition Farm.  I’ve expressed my love for them here before.  :)

So anyway.  I got the rest of the fruits and veggies that I needed there.  But I want to feature Superstition Farm separately, so I’ll save those pictures for Monday.

I love fruit from the farmers market!  I love fruit from anywhere (organic please)!  And if you think that you shouldn’t be eating a lot of fruit due to blood sugar or whatever, because you think that fruit makes your blood sugar rapidly rise… that’s a myth.  See HERE and HERE .  I also talked to my doctor about this because I know that when pregnant some woman can develop blood sugar problems.  She told me fruit does not contribute to a spike in blood sugar.  It all depends on how much fat is in your diet.  Fruit is a natural form of sugar and very good for us, and she encouraged me to eat plenty while pregnant.  But eating high fat meats, pie, donuts, etc. can cause unhealthy blood sugar problems in pregnant woman and any other person and it’s all just plain bad for anyone.

Eating a plant based diet as I do, I get all of the nutrients, protein, etc I need.  And eating a plant based diet provides my body with more fiber in one day than most people get in a week.  ;D

There is no harmful sugars and snacks in my cart.  There is 60% veggies and fruits in my house.  And all of those are eaten weekly.

Did you know the average american eats over 50% processed foods and only 5% fruits/veggies?  This is why America is unhealthy.  We need to get off the Western Diet and start getting healthy!

I know this is a lot to take in.  I know the feeling of guilt, the feeling of resistance, the feeling of denial when it comes to food and how bad/good it is.  I’ve been there.  But aren’t you tired of yo-yo dieting?  Aren’t you tired of that stupid scale?  Well stop!  Because I promise you this way of eating is awesome, and it’s even more awesome for your body!  Get healthy with me, would ya?

For me it’s not about weight loss.  It’s about getting my body as healthy as I can.  Maximum health.  That’s why I researched, and watched documentaries and asked my doctor and read books and countless articles.  I don’t believe everything I read, but I believe in asking questions about what I read and trying to confirm what I’m reading as best as I can.

I’m actually planning on seeing a nutritionist soon, because there are some things I want to eat/drink (like Kambutcha) and I’m not sure if I’m allowed to while pregnant.  That will give me even more knowledge!  Lately I am loving food knowledge!

Recipes are coming!  In fact, I’ll be posting one tomorrow!  Plant Based Lasagna!  Yummm!

If you have questions please comment or email me: (please keep it civil)

Stay Healthy!


  1. Thanks for taking the time to share all of this Shey!

  2. oh my goodness, shey, thank you for sharing, this was a great motivation to get into eating healthier. my husband and i have both been wanting to eat organic foods and only things that are good for your body. but i’m always too tired (lazy) to cook at home, but then i complain about the cost of eating out all the time. i should put my energy of complaining towards cooking. it would do me a whole heck of a lot of good. haha. i love the farmer’s market too! and i agree, it’s worth it to spend the money on healthy foods (especially when you’re already spending that much for crap that will make you fat anyways). i better get to work. thanks for the motivation! i’m excited to read more of your grocery/food posts! <3

  3. Good job Shealynn! I too love reading about eating from the earth instead of from the factory!! It’s sooo encouraging! Looking forward to reading more of your posts!! The book “Real Food” helped me see food in a different way!! Thank goodness!!

  4. So I need you to make a trip to DFW and go grocery shopping with me. DONE. ;)

  5. woo hoo!!! I have been looking forward to this post!!! I am so excited about this!! Thank you so much for taking the time to share your knowledge :) I have been slowly changing my thinking regarding food that I eat and what I put into my body. I am most excited about the recipes! I love veggies and am really looking forward to some good ideas on what to eat that I know tastes good! thank you thank you thank you! and I’m still hopeful for a vlog ;)

  6. Looks like you’re doing.great with your eating habits! I know your baby and of your family will thank you later for it. of.coarse i have a completely different view.on meat and grains but the whole processed food thing is such a mess for our society. i can’t believe the way our.government lets stores sell the shit they do. i look forward to reading more about your food.choices and as long as you have veggie recipes i will be making them to. (I love using lettuce as a wrap instead of bread… thanks.for that idea)

  7. We have started buying the Mom’s Best cereals and tried out the Puffin cereals this last shopping trip. They are good – you can tell how much of a difference there is in the sugar from regular cereals. I admire that you were able to go all-in at your house; we are taking baby steps. :)

  8. Dang. I am just now getting to read this.

    But it was great!

    And I have one word…

    PROTEIN!!! ;)

  9. Good for you!! Good for your family!!! I’ve been predominantly vegetarian for the last thirty years…but I had a great love of cheese! I’ve never been a huge soda drinker – maybe one a day – if that. I love water and everyone knows I carry water with me everywhere I go…like a camel!! Lol. My biggest issue was sugar…candy. I could live off of candy. My blood pressure has always been low – LOW. My cholesterol has been good… not fantastic but low. I used to smoke…about 20 years… the worst thing you can do. So where is this leading?? It led to the #1 killer! A heart attack!! I just turned 50… was walking 5 miles a day…ate meat several times a month – Max…and over a two week period had warning signs of an impending heart attack – and didn’t know it!! But when it finally hit I knew it! My cardiologist said I was very lucky as my LAD was 85% blocked – the widow maker. I now have a stent that keeps that artery open…and now I am a fanatic about what I eat and don’t eat. I urge everyone to watch Forks Over Knives. It explains what’s going on with the SAD diet of all of us. I’ve lost 15 pounds without even trying!!! I feel great!! I tell every woman I come into contact with that while we DO need to be very careful about cancer – more likely – we will die of heart disease!! Its the #1 killer of women!!! And most of us will not have any warning!! I was very, very lucky!! You are doing the right thing!! You are being an excellent wife and a fantastic mom!! And you are doing a great thing by spreading the word!! I am starting a blog to reach out to women and to spread the word – I just found your blog “on accident” looking for craft stuff!! Lol!! Now you have a new follower! I’ll put a link to your blog on mine, if you don’t mind. Keep up the good work!! And thanks for your series!! Take care!

  10. Love the Barbara’s cereal for B too.

    Do you like Bolthouse better than Naked? What’s the difference?

    I’m excited for your Superstition Farms post. I’ve never been to that market.

    Another good thing to add to this is that the grocery bill may be higher but studies show you will spend less long term on healthcare so it will even out :)

  11. Good post! it’s nice to see what others who are also eating more plant based buy when they go grocery shopping. i’m looking forward to some of your recipes you’re looking to share.

    eating this way, also has a whole new way of cooking.

  12. Great post. It’s cool to see how other families shop all laid out like this. You can actually save a lot of money and still eat mostly organic if you make more things from scratch – but I know not everyone has time for that!

  13. Such a great post Shey!

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