Shey B

it’s been a while….


… to say the least, right?  About 3 weeks.  LOL!

Sorry to leave you all hanging like that.  Pregnancy has taken its toll on me, that’s for sure.  Plus, my husband and I were at the beach with his company for 10 days.  Playa Del Ray/Venice/Santa Monica.  It was AWESOME, and so incredibly relaxing.

I took way more pictures than this, but here are a few until later…




And here is a picture of my baby bump.  I’m almost in my 13th week!  Some days if feels like it’s dragging by, while others seems like it’s flying by.  I have to remind myself that I found out I was pregnant when I was just over 3 weeks along, which is much earlier than most find out… I found out with Angelina at 9 weeks and with Zoe at almost 7 weeks.  I’m dying to know what we’re having!  My husband swears it’s a girl because so far… that’s all he’s made.  LOL!  We’ll see though!  I don’t really know… don’t have a feeling yet.  You all have any guesses?  :)

I won’t be doing weekly pictures of my bump… maybe every few weeks or something.  I don’t feel like a weekly baby bump post would be that great.  So when I feel like it, I’ll post one.  I’m not big into posts like that just because I don’t want to bore anyone… I know I tend to get bored if all I’m reading about is someone’s pregnancy.  Is that weird?  Anyway… nothing at all against those who do post those… it’s just not me.  Plus, I like to dress comfortably.  Always have.  So seeing me in yoga or sweat pants and tshirts all the time surely would make for mega boring posts, believe me.  LOL!  I do plan on making myself some maxi skirts with the fabric I got a couple weeks ago in L.A., though, so I’ll likely share pictures of those.  :)


Anyway… it’s getting late.  I just wanted to drop by and say something!  LOL!

HOW ARE ALL OF YOU?!  I miss you all!



  1. I hope you’re feeling better. Good luck with everything! You are going to be one busy lady packing!

  2. I found out early with both my kids, about 3 weeks like you. It seemed like forever until I could tell anyone! The first and third trimesters seemed to drag, but the second one flew by! Glad to see you blogging again. :)

  3. That sunset photo is stunning!! I’ve always been a sucker for sunsets. ;) And I think you’re going to have a girl. Can’t wait to see though!! Love you girly! We need a phone date soon! That is, when I can come up for air from being so busy. haha

  4. I personally, would not be bored by your baby bump posts. It’s fun to read how excited you are and I think…it’s for sure a girl. I rarely get out and about…you are moving?! You are in AZ, right? Where are you all headed? Staying in state or going elsewhere? Lots going on for you! Best of luck and many blessings.

  5. Awe you look amazing. I love your little bump! The pic’s you took on your vaca are amazing!

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