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“Carolina On My Mind”


I don’t think I said anything yet about this except on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.  Ooops.  Like I said the other day, I haven’t really felt like blogging lately.  Other than a new baby… there is other news.

Yep.  We have been renting our house out for the past 4 years but after finding out I’m pregnant, Mike and I made the decision to move back to our house in North Carolina.  (that is our house above).  My parents live in NC and with me being pregnant and with my dad just having gone through having cancer, we just knew it was the right thing to do.  In all fairness it was my husband who brought this to me, knowing how hard it was for me being so far away when my dad was in the hospital and he knew how hard it would be for me not having my mom near when I had this baby.  This is a big sacrifice on his part because he absolutely loves Arizona.  But he’s traveling back once a month, so he’ll still get his super crazy death heat fix.  :)

Making the decision to move back was the easy part.  Then we decided to have our girls stay with my parents until Mike and I packed up and moved out there.  They’re enrolled in school out there and have already started.  It’s year round.  My mom is amazing and driving 30-40 minutes each way to get them to school.  I couldn’t be more grateful for having parents like I have.  My girls didn’t even shed a tear when we told them we were moving.  They were just so excited to live close to grandma and papa.  :)

But, yesterday I had a breakdown.

I wasn’t having a good day.  I felt like everyone was mad at me for some reason or another.

Being pregnant makes me extra overly totally crazy emotional.  And that’s ok.  I’m emotional anyway, but overly so when I’m pregnant.  If my husband says something in a weird tone of voice, or if he’s not very talkative I automatically think something’s wrong.  I think he’s mad or something.  When he is upset with me then it feels like I’m either going to cry for days or my head will explode.


So while talking to my mom on the phone yesterday I just broke down in tears.

I miss my girls so much it aches.  Don’t get me wrong, this summer is going by quickly.  Before I know it we’ll be reunited with them, but for now, it’s a big deal for me.  I miss them more than I can even explain to you.  I’ve only seen them 2.5 days in the last 8 weeks.  Mike hasn’t seen them since June 15th!  And we won’t see them again for another 3 weeks.

It’s weird how long they’ve been gone.  I’m finding myself looking forward to finally getting to North Carolina, hugging my girls a ton, getting unpacked and settled and getting into a normal routine.

Don’t get me wrong.  I’m getting to spend a ton of time with my husband and I like that.  A lot.  It’s just quiet.  Sometimes I miss the rowdy and boisterous.  I definitely miss the little girl giggles, hugs, kisses and silly my girls so often serve up.

This is what I have to look forward to.  In 3 weeks all will be right in my world, and I can’t wait!  I will be living it up with my 2 kids, spending lots of time with them, and then before we all know it, baby #3 will be here, and our family will officially be complete.  :)

P.S.  I LITERALLY just felt the baby kick for the first time!!!!  (had to document that)  I’m not a good pregnant person, but I adore baby kicks.  My favorite part.









  1. {{{Hugs}}} You are so strong and you are right it will go by fast!

  2. Your girls are so cute! Will you do a virtual house tour after you get moved in? We moved a month ago and I’m still not quite settled…but one of these days I’ll get all the boxes unpacked.

  3. Oh my goodness, your girls are adorable! Your youngest and mine share a serious love of all things Hello Kitty! ;)

    Hang in there mama…not too much longer {{{hugs}}}

  4. super cute house! And your baby bump! wow! did you find out yet?? Zoe? Hello? She is no longer a baby girl! Both girls are growing up! Say hello to all from us girls! I wish you nothing but the best for your move, your newest addition, your familia & your parents! Oh yeah! And your moose. lol Take care girlie! xo

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