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Dang!  It’s been almost 10 days since my last post.  Where the heck does the time go?  I guess it flies even faster when you’re packing to move, right?  We leave NEXT THURSDAY night or early Friday morning.  I’ll see my children in less than 2 weeks.  Then it’s all about unpacking and adjusting to life with kids again.  :)  I’m also looking forward to getting away from this…

I’ve been packing a lot.  Purging a lot.  Getting some help from a couple friends, which is a total relief.  It’s always nice having friends come over while I’m packing.  Whether it be to help or just keep me company so it’s not such a boring mundane task.  But we’re almost done!  My girl’s rooms and bathroom are completely packed.  The kitchen is pretty much done.  My sewing & craft supplies are packed as is my side of the bathroom and my bedside table.  We’re having a garage sale this Saturday, so if you live in Arizona, come on over.  :)


These boxes are waiting to join the others in the garage.

Finishing up the kitchen today.

Even though we’ve lived in the house in North Carolina before I’m still excited to get in there again, and make it a home all over again.  I look back and think how much I’ve grown since we moved out of that house and moved here to Arizona.  A LOT has happened here!  I learned to sew here, started a business here, Zoe started school here, Angelina became  a bookworm here as did I.  My marriage to my husband really strengthened and we’ve become so much closer here.  I’m excited to take my new self back to North Carolina, back to our house (no more renting!) in our little neighborhood and see where our lives lead us there.  I wonder what new things will happen there besides a new baby!  It’s endless really, don’t you think?  The possibilities?  I do!  Mostly I just look forward to watching my kids grow.  And enjoying life.  I love a new adventure!

And I’m vowing now that I will be busting out my big Canon 5D WAY more when we get out there.  I miss the better pictures and oddly the editing.  iPhone pictures are easy and convenient, but not as great I don’t think.  I look forward to filling this blog with a lot of pictures and stories.  Hope you’re ready!  I’ve decided that this blog will just be what I want it to be.  No more series’, no more promises of postings.  Just back to the basics and fun of blogging.  Sharing photos, recipes, etc.  And this space will be better for that, I can promise you that.  I miss looking forward to coming here and writing.  Stay tuned.  :)

Since I’m moving, I have stuff I need to sell, which includes FABRIC!  So, who’s interested?  Below I’ll share photos and prices.  Prices are firm and EXTREMELY reasonable.  All fabric is sold in the bundles shown, not separately.  Most, if not all of the fabric is discontinued which means it’s no longer for sale.  Except for here.  ;)

Alrighty… here we go!  If you’re interested in any of the fabric bundles below, either comment with your paypal address or email me: shealynn AT

$25 (5 yards)  $5 priority shipping in the U.S. only.

 $55 (10+ yards)  $12 Priority Shipping in U.S. Only.

$50 (10 yards)  $12 Priority Shipping in U.S. Only.

I LOVE all of the above fabric, but I have so much fabric that I had to part with more of it.  (I sold over 200 yards of fabric a few months back already)  Again, if you’re interested, let me know and I’ll send these bundles out to you right away!

Here’s another belly picture.  16 weeks!  I’m wondering what kinda baby is in there.  Will it be another girl or will it be a boy?  What do you think?


  1. I’m so happy for you, Shey! Good luck with the move :) And I SO wish I could come to your garage sale…I bet you’ll have some awesome stuff on there!

  2. Well I am ready…to see your new house…to see your pics…to read a recipe…whatever it may be I am ready:) AND OMG to see that new little bundle of joy…you have to be estatic!!!!! I need a side view of that baby…and are you carrying low or high??? Then we can make a prediction…lol Take care of yourself…moving is a BIG job, and pregnant too…WOW…take it easy!!!

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